October 3, 2016: Updates, a new course, and more from Maine Quilt Show

Greetings! I am making great progress on the special occasion quilt that I recently started. 25 of 42 blocks are done and 5 more almost done.  Here’s what I have along with some close ups:

dsc03865 dsc03866 dsc03867 dsc03868

(Click on pictures for enlargements.)  I’m loving the teal and turquoise with touches of gold and want one of these for myself!  (Maybe someday…).  I’m trying to decide whether to add sashing; there will definitely be some sort of simple border.  And I’m having people sign fabric for the back of the quilt.

One of my readers asked about the book in which I found the pattern for the “grapes” quilt I talked about in the last post.  Here’s the book, the first page of the section on this quilt, and a picture of the pattern with it in some other colorways.   I’m intrigued by the blue on the black background, however if I ever do make this quilt it will definitely be in the red and green colors of the antique:




Here’s a picture of part of the original antique quilt, showing the red/green colors:


I’ve managed to appliqué a few more leaves and berries on “Stardust” but otherwise have spent all my quilting time on the blue starts since the last post.  Oh – almost forgot; I’ve been putting labels on my quilts for the Cocheco show which is October 15th and 16th.  I’m spending the day on the 14th helping to set up the show and am looking forward to it.  I’ll be posting pictures the week after!

For some time I have been thinking that when I retire I would like to take a drawing course.  This could be fun and, at the very least, could help me improve my quilt making designs and improve how I look at and see artworks.  If I like it enough, it could even lead me to take more drawing courses or might even lead me to consider painting.  As a start, I decided that rather than sign up for a course that would require me to travel to actual classes, I would get the “Great Courses” “How to Draw” course which was available at a great discount:

dsc03887 dsc03888

There are 6 DVD’s and 36 lessons covering all the basics of drawing – line, shape, volume, texture, composition, color, etc. etc.  I got my supplies, including a used easel off Craig’s List and have watched the first 4 lessons and started doing some of the exercises.  I’m enjoying it a lot!!  I’m going to take my time – the professor says this covers what a full year college course would cover so I see it taking many months.  It’s nice to be able to go at my own pace.  I’ll post an occasional update on how this is going.

Reading continues to be an important part of my days.

dsc03889 dsc03890

I love well written history and the book on Magellan was wonderful and fascinating.   Lots of history of exploration and the spice trade in the 15th and 16th centuries, some coverage of politics in Spain and Portugal during that time, the trials and tribulations the sailors faced, etc.  All very well told.  I highly recommend it.   “Vertigo” by Sebald is not for everyone because it can be depressing but I find his prose mesmerizing.  A major theme is memory and how unreliable it is.  His writing is intellectually challenging and leads me to frequently look up things on the internet; this leads to a lot of new learning, which I love.   “The Road Back” is a classic from 1929 about the experience of soldiers returning from war, in this case German soldiers returning from WW1.  Their “universal” experiences mirror those of today’s returning soldiers and relate to issues that we all should be aware of.   Ultimately these kinds of books – to me, at least – are an indictment of war in general.  Finally, I’m just starting “The Hidden Lives of Trees” which promises to be fascinating – trees have ways to communicate with other trees and are much more complex life forms that we have given them credit for.  I’ve always loved trees so look forward to learning more!

There was a special exhibit at the Maine quilt show this summer in which unfinished quilts from the 30’s were machine quilted and finished.  This was a great idea for an exhibit and I hope you enjoy the pictures.  There happened to be 2 of one quilt top – Separated at Birth! – and 2 different quilters quilted them differently – it was fun to see how each interpreted using the space differently for the quilting.

dsc03657 dsc03656 dsc03655 dsc03654 dsc03653 dsc03652 dsc03651

dsc03650 dsc03649 dsc03648

dsc03678 dsc03676 dsc03675 dsc03674 dsc03672

dsc03671 dsc03670 dsc03669

dsc03667 dsc03666 dsc03665

dsc03663 dsc03662 dsc03661

dsc03659 dsc03658


My favorite of these was “Mad for Plaid.”  I’ve used hexagons a couple of times in doll quits but have yet to tackle a large quilt of hexagons – someday!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



2 thoughts on “October 3, 2016: Updates, a new course, and more from Maine Quilt Show

  1. Lee

    Just had a chance to catch up and am intrigued to hear about your drawing adventures. I still like to play with my watercolours and have thought about getting more involved by taking a class. But maybe a self-teaching course is a more flexible option. I’m going to look into it. I really liked that German quilt above…charming! And your’s? Look forward to the decision re: border.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Lee. Nice to hear from you. So far, the drawing course is interesting, though I’m just getting started. The prof is good and that matters a lot. If this course turns out to be good, I could lend it to you when I’m finished. I think you should pursue your watercolors if you have time! Hope you and family are all well and enjoying autumn. Al and I did a fall drive in northern Vermont on a beautiful day last week and the foliage was spectacular! Gladi


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