October 12, 2016: “Delicious Autumn”; New England Quilt Museum show pictures; “Time”

Greetings!  I love this George Eliot quote:  “Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”  Not only is autumn in New England a visual delight, but it’s a feast for the other senses as well – the taste of apples, pumpkin, the smell of spices, cinnamon, the sounds of geese flying south, the rustling of leaves as they are blown along the ground…  Al and I took an overnight trip last week to northern Vermont and the foliage was spectacular! (Click on pictures to enlarge.)  The pictures don’t do the breathtaking beauty justice, but they’re the best I could do with my camera.


I always want to just rush to my drawers of red, orange, gold, and green fabrics and start making something in these colors at this time of year, but I’m too disciplined this year to do that!  However, making a community (charity) quilt  has been on my list of things to do so maybe I can make it in these colors and satisfy my craving that way….

I’m making great progress on the “blue star” special occasion quilt; the top is nearly put together.  Here it is on the design wall with some border strips tacked up beside the completed center.  As you can see, I went with sashing:





I should have the top all together by tomorrow!  My plan is to have folks sign well wishes on fabrics that I will incorporate into the backing of the quilt and then have it machine quilted.  I have to say that I am loving this quilt and it’s going to be hard to give it away!  I could make another set of stars for myself, but I doubt the border fabric is still available and I don’t have enough left for another quilt.  I bought it in Maine 4 years ago on our way back from our Nova Scotia vacation.  Not sure I really want to make this all over again anyway.  I just need to let go of it….. (and I’m sure I’ll be fine with that :):)

Yesterday I drove to Lowell to see the current exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum.  It was well worth the drive!  The museum always has outstanding exhibits and they do a wonderful job of displaying the quilts and providing information.  This one was called “Confluence” and featured the work of a small group of quilters with the theme of water and our fragile environment.  Here are pictures of a representative sample of the works and I hope to show some more in another post.  Please click on pics to enlarge so you can enjoy the details:

This one had great surface design:


Loved the use of vintage silks in this artist’s work:


I really enjoyed this composition – great shapes and colors!



They had a few quilts from their own permanent collection in the show as well.  I loved the composition and the excellent hand quilting on this one by Carol Grotian.  Look at the tiny stitches!:


Love this composition by Sylvia Einstein:


And I very much liked this abstract composition:


I enjoyed reading about the struggles this artist had in making this quilt.  Note the trapunto turtle in the third picture:


I think you can see that it’s a great exhibit!  I have more pictures to share in another post.  However, I strongly urge any of you within driving distance of Lowell to try to see this show before it closes on the 16th of this month!  It’s well worth the trip!!

I liked a comment artist Judy Martin made on her 9/15 blog (Judy’s Journal) post  on the topic of time:  “Sometimes I ask myself, do I feel that time is LOST when I use so much of it to stitch?  Or, do I think that time is saved?  Answer:  When I am lucky enough to spend an entire day with stitching, I never feel that time has been lost.     Time is my main material.”

Since seeing that post about time, I read a New York Times front page book review of a new book just out by James Gleick called “Time Travel: A History.”  It sounds fascinating and is intellectually well done and challenging.  I also read commentary on the book on the “Brain Pickings” web site, a place I go to read for ideas on what books to read and for intellectual stimulation.  Here are some interesting observations Gleick makes:

“We feast on time as time feasts on us.”

“We go back and forth between being time’s master and its victim.  Time is ours to use, and then we are at its mercy.”

“The key to understanding time, Gleick suggests, lies in understanding memory – understanding the dialogue, often dissonant, between the experiencing self and the remembering self.”

“If we have only one universe – if the universe is all there is – then time murders possibility.  It erases the lives we might have had.”

“What is time?  Things change and time is how we keep track.”

I love the last one!  Now I think I shall go spend some time sewing!!!!!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,    Gladi


4 thoughts on “October 12, 2016: “Delicious Autumn”; New England Quilt Museum show pictures; “Time”

  1. Marie Tymrak

    How delightful to see the “Light of Liberty” quilt, again. I have a picture of myself standing near it, when it was on tour, in Arizona. It was my favorite quilt of the exhibit, and I was completely mesmerized by the whole concept of an overhead view that included the outline of the island as well as shafts of light…..sophisticated. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the temperate forest with traditional autumn colors!

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Marie. “Light of Liberty” is indeed beautifully composed and quilted! It’s nice that this quilt is being preserved and appreciated as real art. Gladi

  3. Wendy C. Reed

    I adore the border print on the “Blue Stars”. What a lovely quilt! And I too remember Carol Grotian’s fabulous quilt from the contest. I still have my entry into that contest. I love it because it shows me how much I have grown over the years. Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts. Will you be going to the AQSG event in Shelburne next Friday? Cyndi and I will be going along with another Blogland friend, Randy of Barrister’s Block. Surely hope you will be there.

  4. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Wendy. I’m not aware of the AQSG event, perhaps because I’m not a member. I went to the AQSG web site and couldn’t find anything about the event you are referring to. I’d be interested to know more if you can direct me to some information. Thanks! Gladi


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