October 25, 2016: The work of Rainy Stevens, quilter extraordinaire!!

Greetings!  The weather is colder and more than half the leaves have fallen.  Winter approaches – more quickly than I’d like!  I have enjoyed this fall more than any time I can remember, probably because retirement has allowed me to be more observant and mindful moment to moment of the colors and other sensual experiences as well as the time to think philosophical thoughts about time, the seasons, and the metaphor of being in the “autumn of my life” .

As promised in my last post, I am today sharing with you the work of my fellow Cocheco Guild member, Rainy Stevens.  She is a handwork devotee and her hand appliqué and hand quilting are phenomenal!!!   She also hand pieces most of her work.   I’m so lucky to be in the same guild with such a talented artist whose craftsmanship is top notch.   She’s a wonderful person, too!!  This year, as the person in charge of planning the “Meet the Quilter” exhibit for our show, I chose Rainy as one of the exhibiters and she did a fantastic job of planning and setting up her area.  Following are pictures of Rainy and her exhibit area with lots of closeups of her work.   Included are many challenge quilts she made over the years (most of which won prizes!).  The work goes back to the 1980’s (I think, or at least the early ’90’s) up through more recent projects.  As you look through these please click on pictures for enlargements and keep in mind that all of this work is done by hand!!!!  The Baltimore Album she is currently working on is embellished with lots of embroidery.  She is amazingly accurate with even the tiniest pieces!

dsc04055 dsc04054 dsc04053 dsc04052 dsc04050 dsc04047 dsc04046 dsc04049 dsc04070 dsc04069 dsc04068 dsc04067 dsc04066 dsc04065 dsc04064 dsc04060 dsc04059 dsc04057 dsc04058 dsc04044 dsc04045 dsc04212 dsc04211 dsc04210 dsc04209 dsc04056

I’m sure you agree this is fabulous quilt making!

Next post I will update you on my projects and show more quilts from the Cocheco show.  Eventually I hope to share more pictures from my recent NEQM trip and I’m planning to go to the museum again soon to see their new appliqué quilt show and should have lots of pictures from that too!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi


6 thoughts on “October 25, 2016: The work of Rainy Stevens, quilter extraordinaire!!

  1. Judith Dietrich

    Rainy does impressive work!! How neat is the Baltimore she is working on? Thanks for sharing about this quilter.

  2. Wendy C. Reed

    Oh thank you for posting Rainy’s quilts. I have always admired her work. In fact, for many years I went the the Cocheco show wishing I could meet her and and this Gladi Porche person well. Now that I have crossed one off the list, I will have to make an effort to meet Rainy in the near future!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Wendy. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! I’m sure Rainy would like to meet you as well some day. I enjoyed your blog post about the AQSG meeting in Vermont. I wonder if this is an organization I should join…. Gladi


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