November 23, 2016: Design decisions and prep work; Neighbor’s top completed; more Cocheco show pictures

Greetings!  I finished sewing all the pieces together for my neighbor, Jerry’s, quilt top (click on any pics to enlarge):


I had a few fat quarters in my stash that I showed him to get an idea of what kind of backing he might want and he wanted something very simple and traditional so I made a trip to Keepsake Quilting last Saturday to pick out the backing.  It’s about 75 minutes away and a lovely drive along Lake Winnepesauke with mountains in the distance.  I tried to find something more locally with no luck and knew that I would find something at Keepsake because they have such a large and wide-ranging inventory of fabrics.  Sure enough, I found something just right:


I have cut the 6 yard piece into two 3 yard pieces, washed them, and now will sew them together down the middle and this will be ready for long arm quilting!

While at Keepsake I  also bought a large piece of reproduction fabric for the backing for “We Are Stardust”.  I debated whether to piece the back with many smaller pieces of reproduction fabric from my stash but decided I didn’t want to have to hand quilt through any extra seams – already there are many, many seams in the top that I will be quilting through.  Here it is:


I love that it’s red!  I ordered a silk batting on line for Stardust – very nice for hand quilting – and also ordered a silk batting for the Japanese circles quilt.  Two more quilts to add to the hand quilting pile!:


Once Stardust is basted, I may start quilting it even if “Spirit of Japan – Kurumu” – is not completed yet!  (I am still hand quilting this a little bit almost every day.)

“Twinkle” is back on the design wall and I’ve decided on what the 2 side borders are going to look like.  As of now, I think the top and bottom borders will have different appliqué designs than the side borders.  I cut border strips to finish 6 1/2 inches after studying various widths for a couple days.  I knew I wanted a vine border – nothing new there!!!   I sketched some flower designs, but finally decided that just leaves work best for this quilt.  I tried two different widths for the vine and decided on the narrower one.  The picture shows some trial pieces pinned on and the narrower vine is above the star,  the wider one below:


I decided to go back to using the needle-turn technique of appliqué with paper templates on top of the leaves for this project and proceeded to cut out 30 templates and leaves:


I am loving working with the bright colors in this quilt as everything outdoors turns drab!

I still have pictures of quilts from the Cocheco show last month to share with you.  Today I’m sharing quilts made by friends who are in my “bee” – the “Durham, Lee, Madbury (DLM) quilters”.  We’ve been going for 15+ years!!

A friend and I met Havrilla in a class and when we found out she was from Durham we invited her to join the group.  She does her own wonderful long arm quilting and has a knack for color.


Rosemary is in her 80’s and is still making lots of wonderful quilts.  She is a role model for me!


Nancy is the friend I traveled with to Japan in 2010 to the Tokyo International Quilt Festival:


Pat has been doing a lot of beautiful sashiko recently:


Kate is a relatively new member of our group:


Janice is also fairly new:


These next 2 quilts are not by DLM members but I wanted to share them anyway.  Jacque is a prolific quilter and was chair of the quilt show this year.  Love her appliqué quilt:


I enjoyed the fact that the next quilt is made from antique blocks;

I hope all Americans who read my blog have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My family won’t be celebrating until Saturday because my daughter works Thursday and Friday, but we will all be together then.  My son arrives tomorrow.  I am especially grateful this year to have the family together yet again because just last week we lost a good friend.  She was my age and rather quickly developed a serious cardiac problem that required surgery and didn’t make it through the surgery.  More than ever, I feel the need to “cherish each day.”

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


4 thoughts on “November 23, 2016: Design decisions and prep work; Neighbor’s top completed; more Cocheco show pictures

  1. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you! There is much to be grateful for and I’m sure it will be great to have the family together here. Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Megan. I’m not aware of any local shops carrying silk batting, so I have been ordering it on line from e-quilter. They have the Hobbs 90% silk/10% polyester. I’ve used it in 2 large quilts and have found it easy to hand quilt and it leaves the quilt with a wonderful “hand” – soft and flexible. I like 100% wool too, but went with silk this time. Gladi


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