November 29, 2016: Quilting for comfort

Greetings!  As I was perusing blogs recently I saw that a book featuring over one hundred quilts from a collection of antique quilts was released this summer; it’s called “Comfort and Glory.”  It looks like the type of book I’d eventually like to have in my collection.  That started me thinking that those are two major reasons we make quilts.  We make utilitarian quilts to sleep and snuggle under, i.e. for “comfort”, and we make “show” quilts to win competitions and/or complements, i.e. for “glory.”  Also, the process itself of making a quilt can provide comfort, especially if the stitching is easy and meditative, or it can be challenging and sometimes even stressful.

I am currently quilting for comfort.  The death of my friend, the election results, adjusting to retirement, the coming winter season – all of these have made me want comfort from my process at this time.   That’s why I chose to make a simple vine border for “Twinkle.”  For me appliquéing leaves is easy and comforting – “meditative” if you will.  Challenging designs are not for me right now, though I’m sure I’ll get back to them.  In between the cooking and time spent with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, I managed to find time to appliqué the leaves for half of one border (click on pic to enlarge):


The hand stitching is so relaxing!

Because my granddaughter was here we pulled out the quilt top we put together over the summer – I hadn’t touched it since then and hadn’t decided how to quilt it –  by myself on my machine or send out to long-armer.  My daughter hadn’t seen the quilt yet, either.

82216 Sveta#3

After showing it to my daughter and discussing how special this project is, I decided I need to hand quilt it!  My machine quilting is not great and the hand quilting will make the project and the quilt more special.   Who knows if we will ever do a quilt project together again!  I will just do a straight line grid so it shouldn’t take too long  – but it is going to delay other projects!!

For family and friends,here are a couple of family pictures from Thanksgiving:

My daughter and grandkids at the piano – Christmas songs start right after Thanksgiving!:


My son with his niece and nephew the morning he left to go back to NYC (just as he was leaving and not the best picture!):


When the family is together we play lots of games and this visit was no different:


Here’s hoping that during this busy upcoming holiday season all you quilters will find comfort and relaxation in your stitching!  Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



3 thoughts on “November 29, 2016: Quilting for comfort

  1. Elizabeth

    I have been following your blog for about a year now and I really admire your work. I first became aware of it when Barbara Brackman published your stars that were made for the ‘Stars in a Time Warp’. I was also following each week’s textile topic.

    Anyway I wanted to comment on the book you mention, ‘Comfort and Glory’. I recently bought it at Houston where many of the quilts from the book were being exhibited. I loved the quilts and love the book. I hope it finds its way into your library! Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Elizabeth. So nice to hear from you and I’m glad you like my blog and my quilts. The book is definitely on my wish list – maybe for Christmas?! I would have LOVED to see the exhibit! Gladi

  2. Rose in Vt

    Speaking of ‘comfort’ I decided to unbury the top of a desk in prep for holiday decorating. It has a pile of old pictures that needed to go in albums. I had stopped at the last year that I was still using film, before going digital. In the pile was the VQF catalog for 2009 and the show book. The catalog as you know had your previous year BOS quilt. Beautiful! The show book had my entry for that year that I’d named for a dear friend of mine who is now passed. It was a wonderful though bittersweet walk down memory lane. And I’ll keep both booklets with the newly sorted pictures…so much has changed meanwhile.
    Take care.


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