December 12, 2016: More pictures of appliqué quilts from NEQM; updates

Greetings!  I picked up my neighbor’s “memorial” quilt from the long arm quilter and have about 1/4 of the binding on.  His 5 children are giving the quilt to him for a Christmas present so the timing is perfect!  The “hearts and swirls” quilting design seems just right for this tribute to his wife and their long – 59 year! – marriage.  I think the blue and white “ticking” fabric I chose for the binding looks good.  Here are a couple of pictures – the second one is a better representation of the correct colors.  Click on to enlarge:


I completed the vine with leaves for the left side border of “Twinkle.”  I made and appliquéd the vine and the central star for the right side border and got all the leaves cut out and basted onto the background,  ready for needle-turn appliqué:



As promised, I am sharing more pictures of fabulous appliqué quilts from the NEQM exhibit in this post.  Remember to click on the pictures so you can really enjoy the marvelous details.

Here are two shots of how the museum looks when you enter -pure heaven for lovers of red and green appliqué quilts!


The quilting on this one was really exceptional:


A gorgeous friendship Baltimore album:


Another of the 3 whig rose quilts in the exhibit, this one with a unique border, but more minimal quilting:


Spectacular quilting on this one:


Loved the delicate pots of flowers and the feather circle quilting on this one.  And how about the border on only 2 sides!:



A lovely 4-block quilt creating a secondary design with the flowers and enhanced by the simple appliqué border:


A lovely poinsettia quilt (all those berries!):


That’s all for today; still more quilts from this exhibit and from 2 other exhibits at the museum to share over the next few posts – stay tuned!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



6 thoughts on “December 12, 2016: More pictures of appliqué quilts from NEQM; updates

  1. Mary Reynolds

    Thank you so very much for sharing the NEQM applique exhibit! I almost have gotten there except for life and weather.

  2. Barbara Robson

    Oh, that Princess Feather quilt was my favourite! I was talking to the director of the museum and she said that it was 3 long panels with the appliqué being done overtook, not in blocks. I wonder how the quilter managed to maneuver that large piece of fabric. I am in awe of the work a ship and the sewing/quilting skills of the women. Who made these quilts. I feel so fortunate to have been able to see them. I must get my pictures processed and up on my blog! Thanks again for sharing yours.
    Barb in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

  3. Evelyn Hatch

    What a lovely Christmas present you’ve sent us–both your own memory quilt and the red and green applique quilts. Thank you.


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