December 29, 2016: Looking back over 2016

Greetings!  I continue to find it helpful to set some goals at the beginning of each calendar year and then in late December to look back over the year and see if I still find those goals worthy and whether I’ve accomplished them.  I’m not rigid about it and don’t feel the need to beat myself up if life events change those goals.

2016 was a transformational year for me because of my retirement; adjusting to that was a major goal as of this past summer.  I am no longer a physician – this is no longer my major “identity” and I’m in the process of “transforming” into someone else.  I have to figure out who that someone else is.  Continuing to work on this will be a goal for 2017 (and maybe beyond!) since I didn’t fully retire until August and this is still pretty new for me.  So far, I feel good about what I’m doing – more sewing, reading, and playing music and more regular exercise in addition to just enjoying the less hectic pace of life.  But I don’t know yet if these things alone will be enough for (hopefully!) all the years ahead.  I know that I very much look forward to the journey.

Meanwhile, for today’s post I am reviewing my goals for the year from this past January.  In no particular order – click on pics to enlarge!:

Finish Stella Nova – Done!   And I won a Judge’s Choice ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival and a blue ribbon at the Cocheco show!


Complete “We Are Stardust” top, layer, baste, and start hand quilting – almost there!  The top is complete – many hours spent appliquéing the borders – the basting by the long – arm quilter is done, and I pick up the quilt this coming Monday and can start the quilting.  Close enough to say this goal is accomplished!


Make decision whether to hand quilt Joyful Noise of have it machine quilted and do it – Done!  It’s mostly machine quilted with some hand quilting as well and it won a blue ribbon at the Cocheco show:


Make “Trio of Doll Quilts” #5 – Done!


Finish the 12 smaller blocks (but probably not the larger center medallion block) for Sweet Journeys – this project took a back seat to others that came up during the year.  I started the year with 7 of the 12 blocks done and now I have the 10th block nearly complete so I did make some progress (10th block on the right)


Finish quilting Spirit of Japan #3 – Kurumu – made great progress recently but not done!  I think this is about 3/4 complete:


Consider entering “Spring Sonata” in the Syracuse AQS show – I did!  No awards (the picture is from the Vermont festival), but happy to have it accepted and loved going to the show.


Complete “Many Moons” – Done!  I participated in the Quilty 365 on line sew along initiated by Audrey at the “Quilty Folk” blog.  Participants tried to appliqué one circle a day for a full year.  Instead of making one large quilt, I made 3 smaller ones and didn’t go for a full year.  One of the quilts was one of the doll quilts you see in an earlier picture in this post.  The second was “Many Moons” – Spirit of Japan #4 made from mostly authentic Japanese fabrics, some of which are antiques, some from old kimonos, some contemporary, etc.:


The third circle quilt is the one I’m making with the more colorful authentic Japanese fabrics.  The top is done, the back is made, and I’m ready to  layer and baste it for hand quilting:


Make a lap quilt with my granddaughter Sveta – top is done, back is done and this is ready for layering, basting, and hand quilting.  This was so much fun to do with her!  It was great to see her confidence grow as the quilt was made:

82216 Sveta#3

Finally, I put on my list of goals to consider starting a new project or two if possible.  I was limited in my ability to do this because I made 4 quilts for other people as things came up during the year – 2 baby quilts, a retirement quilt, and a “memorial” quilt for my neighbor.  Nevertheless, I was able to “rescue” a UFO.  I sewed the blocks together and started making borders for what I am now calling “Twinkle”:


So I’ve had a very, very good “quilting” year, accomplishing almost all of my goals!  I’m quite satisfied with my accomplishments.   Next post I will list some goals for 2017 and probably try to include some other personal non-quilt related goals.  Here are some pictures of the grandkids from over the holiday for family and friends to enjoy:


I still have quite a few pictures from the NEQM to share in the next couple posts – I won’t forget!

Wishing everyone a healthy, satisfying 2017!  Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



8 thoughts on “December 29, 2016: Looking back over 2016

  1. Susan Ainscough

    A big thank you for your blogs in 2016. I have enjoyed them emensly and I can’t get over how many wonderful quilts you have produced during that time. I wish you and yours a very healthy and fulfilled 2017.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you, Susan! It’s good to know that my blog is enjoyed as that is what I’m aiming for in writing it. Best wishes to you for an excellent 2017! Gladi

  2. Paul F. McKenna

    Hello Gladi: an eventful year for you indeed & somehow you’ll discover what your transformed identity shall be…a blend of things already embedded in your life…some great photos of the grandchildren on offer with this post as well as some nice shots of superb quilts! We trust you and Al will find many good things awaiting you in 2017 & we enjoy reading your adventures in quilting (and other things) in your blog. Best Regards, Paul & Lee.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Paul. I think you’re right – a “blend of things already embedded” in my life is likely the basis of my identity going forward. Drastic changes don’t seem likely. As Lee suggests in her response, good topic for discussion in March! Happy New Year! Gladi

  3. Lee S.

    Love the photos of family, of course, but also appreciate your honesty in articulating the challenges of identity in retirement. Let’s put that on the conversational roster for March…

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Lee. Agree that identity in retirement is a good topic for discussion in March! Hope 2017 is a good year for you and all your family, Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Megan. I’m enjoying seeing your projects on your Facebook page – they are terrific! And congratulations to you for Esfahan’s achievements this year. What a fabulous quilt! Gladi


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