February 13, 2017: Wonderful vacation, but rough ending

Greetings!  I had a truly wonderful vacation in Thailand until the next to the last day.  While visiting a Buddhist temple on the top of a mountain overlooking the city of Chiangmai, I missed a step on a marble platform and crashed to the floor, fracturing my left elbow and right kneecap.  Luckily I was taken to a modern hospital in the city and proceeded to have surgery on the elbow that night.  It was hoped that my knee would recover without surgery.  My wonderful friend, Van, with whom I’d been traveling stayed with me and helped me take care of all the medical and traveling details and we finally flew home this past Wednesday.   She was a godsend!  We were upgraded to business class so I could travel with my leg immobilized.  I saw my orthopedist here on Friday and, alas, my knee needs surgery in the near future to wire the 2 pieces of the patella together since they show some signs of separating rather than healing.  That was scheduled for today but is postponed for a few days because of a snowstorm.

Needless to say, it is no fun having both an arm and a leg injury!  I’m happy to say that I am already gaining mobility in my elbow and I am able to do hand appliqué and hand quilting to help me pass the time.  No cutting or work at the sewing machine for a while.  No swimming or accordion playing for a while either.  No driving!   I have figured out how to take a shower and how to use the stairs.  Luckily my husband has been wonderful about helping me in every way.

There’s no reason to think I shouldn’t fully recover from this, but it’s going to take several weeks.  I will post again very soon and start to share some of my Thailand pictures and adventures and include an update on my hand work.  By the way, I was able to finally find and buy some Thai silk fabric the night before my injury – just in time!  Will share pictures soon.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


15 thoughts on “February 13, 2017: Wonderful vacation, but rough ending

  1. Carla Gay

    Oh, Gladi! What rotten luck!! I’m so sorry to hear the news. Wishing you a super speedy recovery. Will look forward to hearing about your adventures in Thailand when you post them. Have missed you while you’ve been traveling! Carla 🙂

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Nice to know I’ve been missed – thanks! I’ll get back to blogging as soon as I can. Knee surgery tomorrow! Gladi

  2. Chantal

    So sad to hear this. I’m sending prayers your way for a speedy and full recovery. Take the time it needs to heal properly; there’s no gain in rushing it. ;^)

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks so much for writing. I agree I shouldn’t rush things. Recovery is actually a nice opportunity to slow down from the usual hectic pace of life. Gladi

  3. Elizabeth

    Gladi, I am so sorry you had the misfortune to fall. I hope healing goes smoothly and I am very happy to hear that you will be able to do hand sewing. In time I look forward to hearing all about your travels. It occurred to me that you might enjoy the blog that goes by the name ‘Thornberry’. Can’t remember offhand who writes it but she is from Melbourne, Australia. I have followed her for a number of years, originally found it because she sews clothes, one of my interests. Anyway, she, her husband and 2 young daughters have just completed a three week or so trip to Thailand and Laos. It was self organized I think, though she organized trips, transportation and visits in the countries through her contacts (she has been there before). It is a wonderful account of sights, culture, crafts, textiles, village life, city life, methods of transportation and so on. Very readable and informative. I think you would find it interesting having just been to Thailand. I have no connection to the blogger, just something I found once. Google ‘Thornberry’.
    Stay well, heal well.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you so much for suggesting the “Thornberry” blog. I’ve started reading it and have loved her coverage of her Thailand trip! Her pictures are wonderful – I hope mine are half as good! Gladi

  4. Wendy C. Reed

    Oh Gladi, I am so sorry to hear this. I guess the only good thing is that it happened on the last day so you could spend the time remembering a wonderful trip while recuperating. Take it easy and dream of the next project.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks Wendy. I’m so happy this didn’t happen until the very end of the trip. You’re right – I have wonderful memories of a great trip in spite of the way it ended. And winter isn’t a bad time to be confined and limited in activities; so lucky I can still do some quilting! Gladi

  5. Judy Dietrich

    I am glad you have a good friend and helping husband to get you through this! I hope you are able to rest and recover!! It is surprising, the things we will do to get the stitching in our days!!

  6. Paul McKenna

    We were sad to hear the end of your trip was marred by this double injury, however, the mending seems to be commencing already! Slow and steady is the order of the next several weeks & we know Al will be a substantial support throughout this process of recovery. Look forward to tales of your adventures & trust that swimming, driving, accordions, etc. are not far off. Of course, we hope to at least have a cameo appearance in Beantown, if you’re up to it…! Best Regards, Paul & Lee

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Paul and Lee. Thank you so much for your well wishes for my recovery! The knee surgery went well and I was discharged from the hospital after one overnight there. The first 24 hours home were quite painful, but now the post-op pain has subsided significantly, I am more comfortable, and am getting around a little bit with a crutch. You are right that “slow and steady” improvement is my mindset as I start PT this coming week. I’m still hopeful that I might be able to spend one night in Boston with you folks, but how I do over the next 10 days will likely tell the story. Thank you again! Gladi


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