February 15, 2016: A few Thailand pictures; knee surgery tomorrow

Greetings!  My knee surgery is scheduled for tomorrow so am looking forward to getting that out of the way and focusing fully on recovery.  I’m happy to report that my elbow is improving – less discomfort with movement and increased mobility – very encouraging!

Since I am going under the knife tomorrow, I wanted to at least get a few pictures from Thailand up.  One of the first things we did was a cruise on the canals of Bangkok and one of our stops was the Royal Barge Museum.  There were several barges on display – these are around 250 years old with beautiful carvings and lots of gold.  They were used by the king and royal family for special occasions.  Enjoy these pictures from the museum – click to enlarge:


dsc04761 dsc04758 dsc04768 dsc04765 dsc04764 dsc04783 dsc04776 dsc04770 dsc04769 dsc04784

One of my favorite activities on the trip was a boat trip to a mangrove forest that is in the process of being restored.  In recent years as new trees have been planted, monkeys that had previously lived in the area and had left have now returned.  These are macaques ( think that is spelled correctly!)  They are not at all shy and the group of about 30 of them ran right to our boats as we approached.  This may have something to do with the fact that we brought bunches of bananas to feed them.  We threw the bananas to them and did not touch them but got close enough to observe behavior – fascinating!  Too bad I don’t have a video instead of individual pictures:

dsc04917 dsc04924 dsc04928 dsc04930 dsc04931 dsc04932

One of the major reasons this was a great trip is that our leader was superb!  He’s a wonderful person, very outgoing and funny,  was very helpful and caring of how everyone was doing, and full of wonderful information about everything every day.  Also, there were only 12 people on the trip – so nice to have a small group!  And everyone in the group was wonderful and got along with everyone else.  So nice!  I met some great people!  This was an “Overseas Adventure Travel” run trip and I highly recommend them.  They have excellent trip offerings around the world and guarantee no more than 16 people per tour.  I don’t think this will be my last trip with them.

I have much, much more to share, but this is about all my left hand can take in terms of typing (hand positions affect the fractured elbow) so I’ll end this post here.  I’ll be back after surgery!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi


11 thoughts on “February 15, 2016: A few Thailand pictures; knee surgery tomorrow

  1. Rose in VT

    Good luck and speedy recovery! I’m having foot surgery tomorrow and am hoping our storm doesn’t mess things up…

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks for your well wishes and good luck to you as well. Hope your recovery is speedy and uneventful! My surgery went well and I’m starting to get around better at home. Gladi

  2. Evelyn Hatch

    Take care of yourself – so that you can take another trip, quilt a zillion new quilt tops, and enjoy everyone and everything around you! Evelyn

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you for your well wishes! Surgery went well and I’m hoping for an uneventful recovery. Hoping to put a lot more pictures from Thailand on the blog soon with all this extra time I have! Gladi

  3. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you so much! Surgery went well and I”m hopeful my recovery will proceed without a hitch! Gladi


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