February 20, 2017: Surgery update; Thailand pics – “Floating Market” and Imperial Palace

Greetings!  First I want to thank so many of you for all your well wishes for my recovery from my injuries and from my surgeries!  It means a lot to me to have heard from so many of you – so appreciated!!!!!

My knee surgery last Thursday went well and I came home late the next day.  The first 24 hours home were tough because of post-op pain, but this has significantly subsided and I am able to get around and up and down stairs with the help of a crutch.  Still not easy because of the elbow fracture though pain there is minimal and movement gradually improving.  Here’s my leg with its full brace and my crutch:


For big chunks of the day I have to sit and have a cold pack over the knee as it is stretched out.  During this time I’ve read one book and almost completed another.  The one I finished is “The Invention of Nature,” a fabulous book about Alexander von Humboldt who lived from 1769 to 1859 and was essentially the father of the environmental movement.  He was the first to write about how all aspects of nature are interconnected and how deforestation has significant effects on all other aspects of the natural world.  The book is beautifully written, was one of NY Times 10 best books from 2016, and I highly recommend it!!!  I’m almost finished with “Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett, a novel of two dysfunctional families, also well written and recommended.  It got lots of praise when it came out last year.  I have also enjoyed her previous books, Bel Canto and State of Wonder.

I have also been stitching.  My “Spirit of Japan #3 – Kuruma” is structured like a scroll with borders on the top and bottom to lend a rectangular shape.  The hand quilting of the entire center of the quilt is complete and now I’m just quilting the top and bottom sections.  Since marking is hard with my elbow fracture, I chose a very simple grid pattern for the quilting.  It’s based on a sashiko pattern:


This quilt is almost complete!  I entered it into the Vermont Quilt Festival and will wait to hear if accepted.  When this is done, I’ll move on to hand quilting We Are Stardust – can’t wait!

I’m also able to do hand appliqué and have been working on the leaves for the second border of “Twinkle.”  I had planned to work on this during my Thailand vacation, but had essentially no time for it so am catching up now – I have half of this border done:


Since I don’t have much quilting to show, I’ll share some more Thailand pictures.  The first set is from our visit to the “floating market” for which Bangkok was famous in the past.  There are many canals in Bangkok- our guide says it’s been referred to as the Venice of southeast Asia.  At one time, many locals sold their wares at the floating market.  It got so crowded that it’s been moved a bit outside the main city and I must say that part of it currently is pure “tourist trap” however, it was still interesting and there were still some locals selling produce and freshly made snacks.  Here are the boats were took, 4 per boat (click to enlarge):


And some pictures from the market:


Everywhere we went homes and businesses alike had “spirit houses” outside for daily offerings for the Buddha.  Some were very simple and some were elaborate:


The Imperial Palace was amazing.  It was constructed gradually over hundreds of years and each new construction featured the interests of the king at the time.  There were Chinese, Cambodian, and Laotian influences in addition to British ones, the latter reflecting that one of the kings spent time in England getting an education.  The gold you see in the following pictures is real gold.  Enlarge and enjoy:


I still have many Thailand pictures to share over the next few weeks!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi




4 thoughts on “February 20, 2017: Surgery update; Thailand pics – “Floating Market” and Imperial Palace

  1. Evelyn Hatch

    Happy you can continue with your sashiko and the applique border. May every day bring back more strength and less pain.

  2. Evelyn Hatch

    Glad you can do your beautiful Sashiko quilting and your border applique. May every day bring you more strength and less pain.

    Cheers, Evelyn


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