March 6, 2017: New doll quilt started!; Thailand pics – visit to hill tribes

Greetings!  I have to wear the right leg brace whenever I am walking or standing for 5 more weeks – that means no driving yet.   It’s also hard to reach my sewing machine pedal with the brace on so I am likely limited for a while longer on projects that require the machine.  I’m focusing on hand quilting and appliqué and recently decided to start some hand piecing as well.  I decided to start making fussy cut 5/8 inch hexagon “flowers” and I think this is going to be my first doll quilt for 2017!

Here are what I have so far (click to enlarge):

I’m thinking of appliquéing them onto a cheddar background (rather than connecting them with cheddar hexagons):

I use a “no baste” method to make my hexagons.  I use an Ardco template, trace around the inside on freezer paper and cut out the pieces of freezer paper.  I trace around the outside of the template on the fabric once I’ve identified the section I want to use:

I then iron the freezer paper templates onto the back of the fabric pieces:

Then, using a dab of water, I fold over the edges one by one and iron down in a clockwise rotation until all six sides are ironed over.   The edges stay put, even though the “sticky” side of the paper is ironed onto the main piece of the fabric.  The feel of the paper edge guides me as I turn it over in prep for the ironing:

And here are the pieces for this “flower” all done (but not yet sewn):

Very cool!!!!  I don’t mind making the freezer paper templates and I love that I don’t have to do any basting!  I love the mystery of wondering how these are going to look after they are cut and sewn and love the “surprise” when they are done.  I like picking just the right centers to go with the “petals”.  And these hexagon “flowers” are wonderful hand sewing projects!  It feels good to get started on this year’s “Trio of Doll Quilts.”  (By the way, the templates come out easily when I’m ready to appliqué them down to a background.)

On my Thailand trip we went to the far north of the country and visited a couple of the “hill tribes.”  These are mostly Burmese/Myanmar people who migrated south into this area of Thailand.  They still live in relatively primitive conditions and continue with their own cultural traditions.  They welcome tourists and were eager to sell their creations – esp. scarves.  The 2 tribes we visited were the “longnecks” – the women wear gold around their necks to elongate them – and the Aka tribe.  The “longnecks” served us a dinner and played music and danced for us.   They invited us to dance with them – fun!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures (click on them for enlargements):

There are still more Thailand pictures to come in future posts!!!

Here’s a picture of me with the grandkids recently; they stayed with us for a couple days during their school vacation and I was able to play card games with them.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



12 thoughts on “March 6, 2017: New doll quilt started!; Thailand pics – visit to hill tribes

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you! Thailand was amazing. And aren’t hexes fun?! By the way, I love your Gwennie medallion quilt!! Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Wendy. At my PT appointment this AM, I learned I have gained several degrees of flexibility of my elbow already – great news! Knee recovery will, unfortunately, be much slower. It’s definitely trying my patience, but am buoyed by the idea I’ll be ready to start walking more normally and driving by the time the weather turns warmer. Gladi

  1. Judith Dietrich

    Your doll quilt is off to an amazing start!! Love your fabrics & interesting new technique for non basting them. Always looking to save time. Speaking of time, you need to listen to your body & not over do, when the knee brace comes off. Handwork is perfect for working on something and letting your whole body rest. I had hip replacement & it drove me crazy to not be able to do what I normally do. You are very productive & it probably feels like you are not getting enough done. It will still be there, after you recover!! Love your vacation pictures

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks! You are so right about needing to listen to my body!! It is driving me crazy not to be able to do all the things I enjoy doing and to have to sit still for so much of the time. I did overdo things a bit the past few days – in particular made too many trips up and down the stairs at home. Now I’m paying for it with achiness in my left leg muscles, no doubt from compensating for my abnormal gait with this brace on. I have learned my lesson and am taking it easy again today; I will minimize my trips on the stairs as much as possible! Gladi

  2. Gail Wozniak

    Love your little fussy cut hexi. And feel like I am in your trip with your wonderful photos and descriptions. Hope you recover quickly Gail W

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you for commenting and for your compliments! I enjoy sharing and knowing others enjoy my projects and pictures. Gladi

  3. Evelyn Hatch

    Thailand photos so interesting. Admiring the fabrics and those leggings are something strange (to my eye). Wish I could see them in person!

  4. Shasta

    Your hexagons are so cute. Thanks for showing us your process. The Thailand photos are so interesting – I haven’t been to that part of the country so it is all very intriguing.


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