March 12, 2017: A good few days!; “Stardust” in the hoop at last!; more Thailand pictures

Greetings!  It’s been a good past few days!  During my third PT session on Thursday, my therapist told me my elbow is doing GREAT – I’m one of the best “elbow patients” she has ever had and I must have “good healing genes.”  I told her my arms should be strong because of my swimming and accordion playing and mentioned how much I miss playing the accordion so she told me to go ahead and try it and see how it goes.  As long as it doesn’t cause any significant discomfort, it should be safe.  I tried yesterday and I can play with minimal discomfort!!

So happy to be back to playing!!!!  I still have work to do on the elbow, but the knee is what’s holding me back the most now and I can’t force things – must be patient!!  Yesterday was also a good day because I was finally able to cook a meal for dinner – my husband has been doing all the cooking since my injury – and the check came from the insurance company reimbursing me for all my medical expenses in Thailand which I had to pay for up front!!!!! (but was way less than it would have cost here!!)

I finished the hand quilting on Spirit of Japan – I won’t show it again until I have the binding on.  And I have started quilting Stardust!!!  I created my own “Baptist fan” templates for marking – the fan size is 10 inches with quilting lines every half inch – and here is the first (of many!!) fans done (first the front then one shot of the back):  (Click on any pictures in the post for enlargement/closeups)

It’s nice to get back to easier quilting after hand quilting through the thick Japanese fabrics.  Even with thinner fabrics and silk batting, my stitches are not perfect because there are a lot of seams to quilt through and I refuse to stab stitch, except in rare instances.  After all, I’m not a machine!  Humans are not perfect and I’m not driven by perfectionism, thank goodness.  !  I do the best I can and am comfortable with that most of the time though will rip out and repeat if a problem is too visible and really bad – not very often!.

I finished hand appliquéing the second border for “Twinkle” and now I need to decide what I’m going to do with the top and bottom borders – not the same vine as the sides.  I enjoyed Audrey’s latest post at “Quilty Folk” talking about the process of creating something in 4 steps:  Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, and Implementation.  The design for the final 2 borders for this quilt have been “incubating” while I stitched the side borders.  I’ve been looking through books and on-line for inspiration and I think I finally have a vague idea of what I’m going to do so am hoping “illumination” has occurred and will start to implement soon!! 🙂  I’m thinking of a pot with flowers in the center and vines going out to both sides on the bottom border.  I’m thinking small wreaths for each of the 4 corners.  And scattered appliquéd 5-point stars for the upper border. Here’s where it is now:

I made great progress on the doll quilt.  Initially I was going to put the hexies on a cheddar background, but I looked at all my other doll quilts and many have cheddar backgrounds so tried red instead and I like it!  (I’m auditioning some border fabrics in the picture.)  Now on to appliquéing the hexies on.

It does mean I need to replace the hexie in the lower left corner as the red doesn’t show up.  Will replace it with this:

Here are some of the hexes I finished since last post:

More Thailand pictures!!!

First, we visited the “White Temple” which is not a typical temple.  It is a work of art designed and largely constructed by the most famous artist in Thailand, Ajarn Chalermchai.  He has a group of “disciples” working with him on this.  There are various themes – good and evil, wisdom, etc. – throughout the grounds and temple.  There are incredible paintings inside the temple by the artist, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside.  There’s also a museum on site which displays his many other works.  Enjoy the pictures of the external temple:

(You may want to google the artist’s name or the “White Temple” if interested in more info.)

We saw a lot of rice paddies, learned a lot about how rice is grown, and even went to a rice factory to see how it is separated and bagged.  All very interesting!!!

We visited a woman who has an indigo dying business and watched her mix and use the dye and then watched her employee show us how he uses stamps with various designs to apply wax to fabric before dying.

On the shelf in the 2 pictures just below are numerous stamps with different designs on them.  We each got a chance to stamp a small piece of fabric and dye it – I forgot to take a picture of mine to show you!

In the second picture below she shows how initially the fabric looks green and then within seconds of coming out of the dye pot starts to turn blue and gradually the color deepens.

A row of the indigo plant on the property:

In the woman’s shop, I bought a thin indigo scarf and 2 tops to wear when the weather warms up – will model them later!!!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi




4 thoughts on “March 12, 2017: A good few days!; “Stardust” in the hoop at last!; more Thailand pictures

  1. Louise

    How did you make your own Baptist Fan template? I really want to do some fan quilting, but haven’t figured out how to make a template.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Louise. I know there are several ways to mark or do the Baptist fan quilting and there are videos available on You Tube, I believe. One way, of course, is to purchase a fan stencil. This is fine if it’s the size you want and you have it available or can wait to order one. This is probably the costliest method (though still not what I would call expensive!) Another is to create a strip of plastic and put holes in it at the intervals in which one wants to make the lines; anchor the bottom at the point of the fan and put a pencil/lead in the holes and swing the strip in an arc as the pencil marks the fabric. I’ve never been able to make this work well as I have trouble with the anchoring.
      My method is to make several individual fans in various sizes out of quilters template plastic. Two 12 inch x 18 inch pieces at JoAnn’s cost around $4.00. For Stardust I wanted the fan to be 10 inches so I made 10 fans ranging from 1 to 10 inches in size. I marked the 10 fans using the templates and then added extra pencil lines halfway between each of the lines so the distance would be a half inch between the lines. If you can’t visualize what I’m trying to explain, I will post a few pictures to show this when I do my next blog post. Gladi

  2. Wendy C. Reed

    So happy to hear your elbow is back in music mode! Stardust is gorgeous. You are one of the best hand quilters I know, so I wouldn’t worry about any stab stitching! I loved the cheddar background for the hexies, but the red is just as nice. Your fussy cutting is wonderful. And… I love Twinkle! I think your idea of a pot of flowers on the bottom border would be just right. In fact, I like it in its current shape with no border on top. I have only made one bed size quilt in the 4-poster shape (side and bottom border with cut out for the 4-post bed), but it was fun. They are still making this shape on Vinalhaven island with borders as narrow as yours. Just a thought!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Wendy! So happy to be getting better! Thank you for all your comments; I do appreciate hearing what you (and others) think and sometimes readers’ comments really help me make better decisions! I’ve made one quilt without a top border, but not sure if that will be right for “Twinkle” – will ponder this! Meanwhile, I am so jealous that you are going to Lancaster soon!!!! Boy, would I love to go to a quilt show and do some fabric shopping at this point, but….will have to wait:) Have a fabulous time! Gladi


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