March 20, 2017: Happy Spring! Project updates; family and friends time

Greetings!  Even though there is a fair amount of snow on the ground here, I am happy to welcome spring today!  Looking forward to nicer weather and improving health so that I can be outdoors when it does warm up.  I spend 2+ hours per day on elbow exercises/treatment and  there has been gradual improvement.  Time line for knee recovery is slower because it is a weight bearing joint so patience continues to be necessary for now.

After my last post, I thought more about the red background for my doll quilt and wasn’t sure.  I moved the hexies back onto the cheddar background and still wasn’t sure.  On a whim, I pulled several pink fabrics from my stash and was amazed to find that I loved the look of the salmon colored one:

I now have 8 of the 12 hexies  sewn to the background.  I love the color and am glad to have something different from my other doll quilts.  And here is the center set out on top of the fabric I have chosen for the border (click on pic to enlarge):

I’m very happy with how nicely the border fabric goes with the background fabric and enhances the overall look!

I’ve always wanted to try the “inner city” design for EPP with hexagons and figured since I am extremely limited in any machine quilting I can do right now, this would be fun to try.  After studying pictures of the design, I realized I need  hexagons divided in half into two colors, I need 3 fabrics in light, medium, and dark shades, and that I can make the hexagons using strips of each of the fabrics sewn together 2 at a time.  Here are the 3 strips – red and blue, red and tan, and tan and blue:

I mark the hexagons (freezer paper) in half and iron them so the marked line falls exactly on the seam.  I then use my Ardco template to mark the 1/4 seam around the outside and cut out the hexagons:

After ironing over the edges, they are arranged as below:

Voila!  I now need to decide if this is the color quilt I want to make – probably a doll quilt as I don’t think I’m ready to make a commitment to doing a large “inner city” quilt just yet.  Trying this design has been on my list of things to do for a long time so it feels good to get started!

I am working steadily on hand quilting Stardust, but there’s a limit to how much time I like to hand quilt every day so it’s going to take quite a while!  I am working on the 4th “fan.”  I am estimating that there will be around 50 – 55 quilted fans needed to cover the entire quilt, plus the border which will be quoted differently (either Echo or some type of straight lines)!  I’ve also started to outline the vines and leaves in the border so I will have only the background left after the fans are done.  Goal – finish by early October.  Hope this is realistic, but it’s a heavy quilt and summer is coming….

A reader asked how I am marking my fans.  Since I wanted a 10 inch fan, quilted every half inch, I cut ten individual templates in one inch increments from 1 to 10 inches in size out of quilters template plastic:

Then I use them to mark lines and I fill in the extra half inch lines in between afterward, mostly eyeballing the correct location for those.  The point of each fan starts at the end of the fan before and the template can pivot at the point to cover the part of the fan that extends beyond 90 degrees.

I hope my explanation makes sense!  These templates are reusable for future projects.  I know there are other ways to mark Baptist fans; one can “google” this and see videos for other methods.  There’s no right or wrong – whatever works for you!

I had a birthday last week and was lucky to have friends and family with whom to share it.  My daughter, grandkids, and their friend Abigail visited over the weekend to celebrate; the kids had a great time outside making a tunnel in the deep snow and making a snowman.  Wasn’t it just yesterday my own kids were doing this and not long before that that I was?!!!

Our good friends Craig and Liz brought their new granddaughter to introduce us to her!  Here’s Liz, reveling in her new role followed by Al enjoying holding the baby:

Al gave me a “singing drum”!  This is a beautiful musical instrument -percussion – that produces gorgeous oriental sounding notes and literally sounds lovely no matter what notes you hit:

This is great for experimenting with sounds, meditating, etc.  If you are interested in learning more about this, check out the “Vermont Singing Drum” web site.  Not only do I now have this instrument, in addition to my accordion, to play with, but Liz has lent me her alto recorder to play around with and see if I’m interested in learning to play.  Lots to do!!!

I will save the next batch of pictures from Thailand for the next post.  Happy spring to everyone!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi


4 thoughts on “March 20, 2017: Happy Spring! Project updates; family and friends time

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks! It seems like the “easy” way. Not sure where the idea for using strips came from; just saw a picture on a blog recently showing someone making half hexagons – unless many different fabrics are used, that seems very inefficient compared to using the strips. In any case, I’m enjoying the hand piecing challenge and am hoping that maybe this will lead to an original design idea at some point to use with other fabrics. Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks! I was amazed at how good the pink looks! And how just right the border print seems! Gladi


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