March 26, 2017: “Inner City” and “Stardust” progress; Thailand pictures – Sukhothai

Greetings!  My week in quilting was spent hand quilting fans for Stardust and completing the basic blocks for my little “Inner City” experiment.  For Stardust, I now know that each row of Baptist fans will have 7 1/2 of them and since the quilt is square, I’ll need 7 1/2 horizontal rows of fans to cover the center of the quilt.  (7.5 x 7.5 = 56 1/4 fans total)  Now I can figure out a pace at which I need to make these – plus time for the border – in order to finish for the Cocheco show in October and can easily determine if I am on time, ahead of schedule, or behind.  This is very helpful when one is trying to meet a deadline!!!  I have 7 fans completed – almost done with the first row and that took 2 weeks.  I should easily finish at this pace, but one never knows what barriers life might throw out there!!!  Best to try to get ahead, if possible!

I regularly read the blog “Judy’s Journal” by art quilter Judy Martin.  Recently she shared several quotes from artists featured in Martha Seligman’s new book “Art Quilts International: Abstract and Geometric.”  I particularly liked this one on hand quilting by Daphne Taylor:  “All my quilts are hand quilted.  Hand quilting is essential to me because it gives the fabric surface the mark of the hand, a human presence that cannot easily be achieved by machine.  The process slows one down and teaches one much about being in the moment with each thread and stitch… Hand quilting is its own meditation, which I value.”

Judy also quotes Kathy Loomis who says she feels that since there are fewer and fewer quilt artists working with elaborate piecing she almost feels a moral obligation to keep doing it.  That’s how I feel about hand quilting!!

I completed the EPP pieces for the center of my “Inner City” little, or “doll” quilt.  I stitched together 3 hexagons for each piece and then arranged them as in the picture:

Next step is to sew all the sections together.  I haven’t been able to find any tutorials or info on line about what order in which to do this so will just do what seems logical and see how it goes. I will likely appliqué this to strips of fabric on each of the 4 sides and add a border after that.  I can see where it would be fun to try this pattern is a variety of fabrics and not just stick to 3 – hope I can try that in the not too distant future if I don’t have too many headaches sewing this all together!

Another textile artist I discovered recently through Pinterest is Rachel Wright from England.  She calls herself an “embroidered textile artist” and creates extraordinary landscape and wildlife pieces with combinations of hand and machine embroidery.  Her use of color is wonderful and the skies in her work are unique and amazing.  I particularly love her succinct statement of the purpose of her work which mirrors my own feeling about mine:  “My aim is simply to delight the eye.”  I don’t have her web address handy, but google her name and check out her work!

I’m getting close to the end of sharing my Thailand pictures, but have a few more to go.  Today I will share pictures of Sukhothai Historical Park, the remains of the capital of the Sukhothai kingdom from the 13th and 14th centuries.  Amazing structures!!!  Click on pics to enlarge them for the details.  We were lucky to see some very young children chanting a blessing to one of the very large Buddhas – see me next to the hand to get a sense of the scale!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



One thought on “March 26, 2017: “Inner City” and “Stardust” progress; Thailand pictures – Sukhothai

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    I love those quotes. And, I feel exactly like that about hand quilting. I find it so relaxing and the texture it allows, is something we cannot achieve with a machine. I do love looking at the fabulous machine quilting that is being done today. I just know that I will never be able to sit (or stand) patiently at a machine to achieve those results. Your Star Dust quilting is wonderful. I will definitely plan on going to the Cocheco show now! Thank you for sharing these fabulous images of Thailand.


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