April 11, 2017: Good news!; “Sunshine and Shadows”; “Stardust” taking on texture

Greetings!  Good news from my orthopedic visit today!  My bones are healing well and my recovery is on target.  I don’t have to wear the leg brace around the house most of the time, however, I still need it for stability when I am “out and about” (especially for stairs) for one more month.  The brace was adjusted so that I can now bend my leg when I am walking or sitting – what a difference that makes!  It’s much more comfortable and I don’t look like Frankenstein when I’m walking!  I can now drive!  I can swim!  I can start using the sewing machine!  I start rehab on my leg the day after tomorrow and I have completed rehab on my elbow.  It’s all good and I’m very excited to start to get my “normal” life back over the next several weeks.  I do have to be careful not to overdo it.  The orthopedist warned me that the next month is the most dangerous time for re-injury while my leg is still not strong.   So I will continue to be cautious.

Meanwhile, I have been hand quilting Stardust, trying to get ahead of schedule because it is a large, heavy quilt and I won’t want it on my lap when it’s hot over the summer.  I have 16 of the 56 fans completed.  I love how the quilt is “taking on texture” with the hand quilting (click on the pictures for closeups):

I completed sewing together all the hexagons for my “Inner City” doll quilt and appliquéd it to a background fabric, which I then cut away from behind the center (this picture is before the appliqué was done and it’s just pinned to the background):

I removed the papers from the outer hexagons of all the rows before doing the appliqué and then removed the rest of the papers after cutting away the background fabric.  I am going to add a border.  The following picture shows strips of the fabric I’m going to use pinned up on 2 borders:

I hope to have the “Inner City” top done soon and will add it, along with this year’s first doll quilt, to the pile of hand quilting to be done!

And here is my progress on the third doll quilt for this year:

The center squares are all sewn together in 3 pieces (and you can see some squares below that are not done yet.  In my last post I called this a “Trip Around the World” but wasn’t sure if that was right.  I did some research and this pattern is more properly called “Sunshine and Shadows.”  They are very similar, but, according to one of my books on Amish quilts, this pattern when made of solids is called “Sunshine and Shadows” and when made using printed fabrics, it is “Trip Around the World.”  Obviously the “theme” of my doll quilts this year is English Paper Piecing as all three of them use this technique.  It’s been good to do while I’ve been so limited in ability to move around.  I’m really looking forward to getting back to using the sewing machine!  That means I can put the binding on my Spirit of Japan quilt and get back to the silk stars – yay!

And so very happy to be able to start driving again!  Al has been fantastic about taking me wherever I need to go, but I missed the independence that driving affords and felt the limits that not being able to drive imposes more than anything else with my injuries.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


6 thoughts on “April 11, 2017: Good news!; “Sunshine and Shadows”; “Stardust” taking on texture

  1. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Wendy. It’s been an ordeal and I’m so happy to be on the “up” side of things now – just in time for the good weather, too! Am hoping to get the the Maine show again this year; will you be there? If so, would love to say hello in person. Gladi

  2. Paul McKenna

    Gladi, so pleased to hear that things are on track with your recuperation and it must be a delight to have the all clear for driving. You will surely be happy to dive (carefully) into the pool! Enjoy your new freedom and we’ll hope for continuous improvements…Best Wishes, Paul

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Paul and Lee. Thanks so much for all your well wishes and support during my ordeal! I drove a short distance yesterday to make sure I could do it and today I drove myself to my PT appointment for my knee. I am walking around the house without much difficulty without the brace. Life is good! Gladi

  3. Rose in VT

    Gladi: Glad to hear your recovery is going smoothly, and to see the quilting progress! In celebrating two weeks without my cast, I went to MQX last week, and twisted the knee a bit. My pt gave me some different things to do for that, so all is progressing. Am back to cocooning this week since the car is in the shop getting a dent taken out when I drove to the mailbox for the first time. These count as small bumps in the road overall. If you get to VQF this year, the pool I swim
    at is about a mile away from the venue. Meanwhile, that VQF entry is refusing to quilt itself while I sleep. Take care, Rose

  4. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Rose. I didn’t know (or remember) that you were recovering too. Good luck with that! I’m planning to go to Vermont for just one day so won’t be able to get a swim in, but thanks for the info. My quilt, Spirit of Japan #3 – Kuruma, was accepted into the show and I was finally able to get started with getting the binding on today as I can now use the machine! Gladi


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