April 28, 2017: On a roll with the silk quilt!

Greetings!  In addition to hand quilting Stardust, I am “on a roll” with the silk quilt.  When my injury occurred, I had 4 blocks done and now I have 16 done!  I put some more light to my design wall so you can see how the silks shimmer in the light (click to enlarge!):

Now is when the fun begins!  I love making a quilt without knowing how it is going to look before I start and making decisions as I go along as I “let the quilt speak to me.”  To me it is a lot more fun than having everything all planned out in advance.  At this point with the silk quilt, I need to make a major decision about how big I want it to be.  It is probably not going to be a bed quilt as it would likely be impractical because it’s silk.  How big a wall quilt should it be?  Right now I have 16 blocks arranged in a 4 X 4 set.  Each block is 8 inches square so this is 32 X 32 inches.  I think it is too small and will make it at least 6 blocks X 6 blocks so, for now, I know I need to make another 20 blocks.  After that I’ll see how it looks and assess whether to make it bigger, square, rectangle, etc.  I am also planning embellishments and am looking at putting circles in the centers of the stars.  What size?  Here is a picture with the stars in the upper left with smaller circles and the ones in the upper right with larger ones (pinned on).  Which looks better?

I’m leaning toward the smaller ones because I think I will add some embroidery in the centers as well, but I don’t need to decide just yet – plenty of time to think about it.  I think I will be embroidering something – tiny stars? – between the stars as well.  Also will eventually need to decide whether to add a border – probably will because I love borders! – and what that will be.  For me all these decisions are part of the “play” and “creativity” of making quilts, which I love.

Reading recommendations:

In the past month I have finished 3 books.  One is “Daniel Deronda”, a 700 page “classic” by George Eliot, which I enjoyed very much although it is certain to not be everyone’s cup of tea.  I loved the wonderful use of language and the traditional story.  It also made me think a lot about the changed role of women – the book was published in 1876.  If you like 19th century classic literature, you would probably enjoy this book.  The other 2 books are:

Lara is about the relationship between the great Russian poet and novelist Boris Pasternak and his mistress, Olga, who was his muse and model for the character Lara in the novel Dr. Zhivago. This was a good look at the repression that occurred in Soviet society during the years of Stalin and into the 1960’s and its influence on writers and artists.  Very interesting!  “Homegoing” is excellent!  It’s about the lives of and descendants of 2 half sisters born in the 1700’s in what is now Ghana on the western coast of Africa.  One of the sisters is captured and sent on a slave ship to America and the other stays.  There are wonderful stories of descendents on both sides all the way into the 20th century.  So well written; so much to think about – slavery and the slave trade, the inter tribal warfare in that part of Africa, life for blacks after the Civil War and up to the civil rights movement; life in Africa, etc.; good historical fiction – highly recommended!

I’m still enjoying spring.  Azalea in bloom:

these tiny maple leaves are 1 inch!

As I prep my quilt for the Vermont Quilt Festival, I have been thinking about the topic of quilt shows and “judging” again.  I know I ranted a bit (gently!) the last 2 years after each Vermont show because I missed a blue ribbon each year by one point!   Next post I’ll share some of my recent thoughts (not ranting and maybe a little humorous!!) so stay tuned!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


10 thoughts on “April 28, 2017: On a roll with the silk quilt!

  1. Susan Ainscough

    Hello Gladi, your silk quilt is a wow, I personally prefer the smaller spot and I am very interested to see the finished quilt. I think you must be making up for lost time now that you are healed.. The book Home going looks very interesting I might just order it to add to the other four I have waiting.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Susan. I highly recommend “Homegoing”. Sounds like you are a reader, like me. I always have a pile of books waiting! Gladi

  2. Susan

    Hello! Love the silk stars. I think they’re most wonderful without the circles. And love George Eliot too–all the novels but especially Middlemarch.Susan from Germany

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Susan. After my post, I removed the circles and as I look at it on the design wall while I work feel my opinion changing. I might agree with you – not sure I’m liking the circles at any size anymore! Again, there’s plenty of time to ponder this, but the circle idea may go! Thanks for expressing your opinion. “Middlemarch” is my favorite Eliot, too; I’ve read it twice and that’s rare for me! Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi! Thanks for commenting. The “pattern” for this quilt is in one of the older Quiltmania magazines – I showed a picture of it in a previous post, I think in January or December before I got started. If you need the specific issue, I can find it and let you know. My version, of course uses totally different fabrics than the one featured in the magazine and I’m doing it with paper piecing which was not the technique used in the original. I suspect my border will be different and I’m considering embellishments which the original doesn’t have. Gladi

  3. Rose in VT

    Hi Gladi: Am looking forward to your next post, my last 3 VQF ribbons have been red…can’t help but laugh.

  4. Mary Lou Day

    Hello Gladi! So glad to see you are healing – and I love this star quilt! Love that you can swim again – hopefully we can come up to see you guys soon and then you can get your brace off and come down here. You guys are special….

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Mary Lou! Good to hear from you! I just started back at the pool yesterday – I will need to pace myself. I have at least 3 more weeks of PT for my knee, but it’s gradually approaching normal. I only have to wear the brace in certain situations for a few more days! Main thing I still can’t do well at all is squat down toward the floor but have started to work on it. I am loving watching spring arrive. May is a very busy month for us, but we’ll have to try to arrange a get together in the not too distant future. Gladi


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