May 15, 2017: 1. Process! Process! Process! 2. The Social Media Usage Question

Greetings!  It may look like I don’t get a lot done between posts, but I have been busy with the “process” of creating my silk quilt.  Results don’t just magically appear.  As you quilters know, a lot goes into creating our finished pieces.  A great part of the enjoyment is the process itself.  If you don’t like the process, you are not going to be making quilts for any length of time.  Most of us dedicated quilters love fabric – both the tackle pleasure of handling it and the visual pleasure of looking at it.  We love figuring out what colors and patterns stimulate us, we love cutting the fabric and we love sewing the pieces together.

To make the blocks for my silk quilt, I made a color chart so that I could scatter the colors throughout without having the same colors next to each other:

As I make each section, I number the stars and then pull my silk fabrics and decided which ones will go in which spots:

After the decisions have been made, I pin the number and color to the fabric and also the number of pieces I needed to cut:

Then I use my freezer paper created template to cut the pieces and I then pin the info onto them to keep them straight (here are a few, not all):

I also cut out the dark blue background pieces:

I print and cut out the number of papers I need for the paper piecing:

I’m making the stars 4 at a time, so I number the paper pieces, figure out which colored pieces go where, write this on the paper and find the appropriately colored pieces:

And then finally I’ll sew these sections and create the stars!  It requires focus not to make a mistake since the pieces have to fit together just right, but I enjoy the challenge!  Here are the new stars added since my last post (click to enlarge and enjoy the fabric more!):

I decided that instead of adding circles inside the stars, I am going to add circles in the blue spaces between the stars.  I spent time this week making those circles using Karen Buckley’s circle templates which work beautifully!

And I pinned the circles into those spaces to see how they would all look and am very happy with this and will appliqué them one once I get some of the blocks sewn together (again, click to enlarge!):

I also spent time this week removing the paper from the backs of most of these blocks and ironing fusible interfacing to the backs to prevent fabric shredding.  One of the things I’ve learned from this project is that I should fuse very light interfacing to the back of my silk pieces BEFORE cutting and sewing.  The silk fabric shredding has been horrendous and the interfacing would stop that!  Two more rows of stars to go before deciding on final size!

Wendy at the blog “The Constant Quilter”  (an excellent blog – check it out if you aren’t already a reader!) asked her readers about their use of social media.  She expressed some concern that a lot of bloggers may be quitting or considering quitting blogging and moving to other ways to share such as Facebook, instagram, etc.  Technically I don’t have the means to directly respond on her blog, so thought I’d respond here.

I can hardly believe that I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years.  When I started I wasn’t sure I would last more than a few weeks, but I learned that I enjoy taking the time to write about what I’m doing and I enjoy being part of the quilt blogging community.  I’ve met some great people!!  I very much enjoy reading other blogs and start every day with about an hour of blog reading while I quietly enjoy my morning coffee.  I enjoy seeing the projects and hearing the stories about the projects.   I do not have a Facebook account, but my husband has one (on which he rarely posts) so that we can stay connected with a very few people we really care about, but otherwise much of what is there is a waste of time.  I rarely look at Facebook and I do not do instagram or twitter.  I have a Pinterest site so I can save ideas for inspiration, but I usually only look at it for a few minutes before bedtime when I’m too tired to read.  Time is precious and we need to be mindful of how we are spending it and making sure we don’t just fritter it away.  A lot of social media lends itself to “frittering.”  I’m lucky I’m not drawn to it.

I read through Wendy’s responses and am happy to say that a lot of her responders agree with me, i.e. that we like blogs because of the depth of the information and the stories.  We hope bloggers keep going!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



8 thoughts on “May 15, 2017: 1. Process! Process! Process! 2. The Social Media Usage Question

  1. Mrs. Plum

    Your silk quilt is looking fabulous–the circles on the blue look great! I love the saturated colors. I’m with you as far as blogs go. I don’t participate in social media (other than comments on blogs), and appreciate the blogs with process photos/tutorials. Thank you for your blog–it is one of my favorites.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m very happy you like my blog and I hope I can keep making it an interesting read!! Gladi

  2. Paul McKenna

    Your work is fascinating Gladi; painstaking, precise, & perfection itself! Long live the blog…

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Paul. Thanks so much! Hope you are enjoying spring and hope to see you folks this summer! Gladi

      1. Paul McKenna

        All is well here and we are hoping to plan a visit to NH over the summer. Heard about your anniversary dinner and wish you & Al many, many more years of marital harmony!

  3. Wendy C. Reed

    My, but those stars just glisten! I am so glad to see you are adding the circles. I like them on the stars, but they are even better in the blue background. They really pop that way. Thank you so much for responding to my question. Since you can’t comment directly on my Blog, do you mind if I cut and paste it into the post I make at the end of the “giveaway”? I will enter you as a number in the little quilt drawing.

  4. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you Wendy. Feel free to cut and paste my comment and thanks so much for including me in your drawing! I would LOVE to win that little quilt! Keep on blogging!!! Gladi

  5. Susan from Germany

    I love the way you have placed the circles now! And thanks for the tips regarding the interfacing to prevent frazzling.
    As far as the considerations regarding blogs go: I really appreciate a blog like yours, where you have obviously invested a lot of thought into what you write. A lot of bloggers feel obligated to post regularly without really having something substantial to say. And people like me end up wasting time by reading it anyway… In these cases I would appreciate a concise instagram posting with a good photo much more. Please do at least have a look at instagram– I enjoy it much more than Facebook, which I hardly use any more.


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