May 27, 2017: 1. Design ideas simmering 2. Orthopedic update

Greetings!  Ever since purchasing the new pastel fabrics, design ideas for a quilt made from them have been simmering in my mind.  I quickly decided that a “snowball” quilt would be too boring for me.  I looked through books and on Pinterest for ideas.  Finally I have made a decision!  I am making a medallion style quilt and for the center I am going to make either 16 or 25 blocks from Faye Anderson’s book “My Mother Taught Me To Sew.”

Faye based her quilt on an antique quilt from 1870 by Hannah Riddle (you can google her name and the word quilt and find pictures of it on Pinterest) and won a first place award for it at the  AQS Paducah show in 1988.  The blocks are 6 inches, simple, and combine appliqué with embroidery in a folk art style.  Here are some block examples:

After completing the center, I’ll add rows around it and let the quilt “speak to me” re what to do as I go.   Perhaps some flying geese, some orange peel blocks, half square or quarter square triangles, etc.    At least I now have something to start with!

I have a special fondness for Faye’s quilt because when I was co-chair of my guild’s raffle quilt many years ago we used this pattern to make our raffle quilt.  It was a challenge as the appliqué skills of guild members contributing blocks varied widely, but it came out beautiful, we sold a lot of tickets, and we made a lot of money for the guild to donate to charities.  And the winner of the quilt was one of our guild members!  I don’t have a picture to share, but we used “country” colors.  I think the blocks will look great in pastels.

I also had an “ah-ha” moment regarding the fabrics for this quilt.  I realized that I, indeed, have a lot of “florals” in my fabric collection, but they are almost all orientals.  Somehow, in my mind, I considered them different and never considered mixing them with my other fabrics.  In reality, many – esp. the ones that do not have any gold highlights – mix reasonably well with “regular” fabrics.  So, I was able to gather quite a few other fabrics to use with those I just bought.  I decided I want to feature the “spring” green color in the background and did not have anything suitable so went to Portsmouth Fabric Company where I found 2 light green fabrics:

I have major trouble capturing the color green correctly on my camera!  The light green in front is more spring green whereas the picture makes the background almost white.  The darker greens in the back are actually lighter!  Anyway – they are lovely and should go well with the pastels.  Here is the jumble of fabrics with the orientals added”

Here is what’s on the design wall now (click to enlarge):

I look at this whenever I’m in the sewing room and as I’ve come closer to finishing the stars for 6 blocks x 6 blocks size, I’ve been thinking about final size and what to do about a border.  I decided that I like the size though it’s going to shrink when all the seams are sewn together and thought about what I might do to bring the size back up a bit.   I wasn’t sure I liked the edge with “half stars.”   As you can see in the upper left corner, I decided to add half blocks which make the quilt a bit larger and also, by eliminating one star point in each section, makes full stars appear around the edges.

I like this effect and think I don’t need to add a border after this is done, though will wait to see what the entire quilt looks like when the center is together to make a final decision on that.

About 40 of the 56 hand quilted fans in Stardust are complete:

I saw the orthopedist on Tuesday.  He says my bones are healed but my full recovery is going to take 6-12 months (closer to 12 when you are older, like me!) because of the weakness of the muscles in the legs from all the inactivity while the bones were healing.  Sigh!  I have mild to moderate pain with steps and with kneeling down which should improve as my muscles get stronger.   This is not unusual at this point in the recovery.   My last PT appointment was Thursday and I now have a home exercise program to do daily and I am to swim and use the exercise bike at the gym regularly to strengthen my quads.  Even though I have a way to go, I’m grateful that I am so much better and able to do most of the things I need and want to do day to day.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


4 thoughts on “May 27, 2017: 1. Design ideas simmering 2. Orthopedic update

  1. Lee

    Really like the pastel quilt ideas and look forward to seeing the real thing as it evolves. And delighted to hear of your recovery…amazing just how much longer this aspect takes as we (ahem!) “mature”…

  2. Wendy C. Reed

    I think a medallion style quilt will be a great use of these pastels. It’s hard to tell on the monitor, but I do believe you have chose the Pantone color of the year for part of your quilt. How stylish! I’m so glad to hear that your bones are healing. Yes, it does take a bit longer to recover at our age, but you are doing a splendid job. Can’t wait to see the next step in the pastel saga!

  3. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Wendy. Maybe the pantone color of the year influenced me subconsciously, but I think it was mostly spring that did it! The medallion style appeals because I can plan as I go rather than have all decisions made ahead of time. I just cut the background and pieces for the first block and am eager to start. Thanks for putting my social media comments on your blog post. Any chance you will be at VQS on Friday June 23rd? Gladi


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