June 5, 2017: Pastel quilt block #1 done; silk quilt progress

Greetings!  I completed the first little block for my pastel/spring colors quilt (click on it to enlarge):

The original quilt has little sequins in the centers of the petals, but I’m not a big fan of “bling” on quilts.  When my guild made a version of this for their raffle quilt in a country style, we put tiny buttons in the centers.  I may either leave those areas blank or put a few small French knots in there.  I’m loving working with these colors and am glad to see my camera got a better shot of the true green background color here.

I’ve been working on the silk stars and now you can get a better sense of the difference it makes to add the extra half row all around, i.e. how it makes the outer edges of the quilt full stars (as in the upper portion) versus half stars in the lower section I haven’t added onto yet:

The rest of my quilting time was spent hand quilting Stardust.

Because I am now doing some appliqué for the new pastel quilt, I’m starting to feel guilty about my 2 other neglected appliqué projects, Twinkle and Sweet Journeys.

What is stymieing me is trying to create original designs for the remaining Twinkle borders and blocks for Sweet Journeys.  I think I’m close on Twinkle, but may resort to using some classic, in the public domain, designs for Journeys so I can make some progress!

Meanwhile I’m enjoying the spring vegetation!  Rhododendrons are in full bloom in my yard and around the area and my shade garden in front of the house is filling in:

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


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