June 11, 2017: June is my favorite month!; Project updates and new adventures

Greetings!  For a long time June has been my favorite month.  Because I worked for 32 years in an academic setting (and was a student for many years before that!), this probably has something to do with June always having been a break from my hectic work schedule with lots of time off for relaxation.  Now that I’m retired and breaks from work are no longer relevant, I see that I still love June because of the weather and the vegetation.  My house size expands and I enjoy being on either our deck or screened porch (click on pics to enlarge):

and the rhododendrons are in full bloom:

I’m blessed!

I am on to “Phase 2” of the silk quilt!  this means that all the blocks are made and I am just starting to sew the pieces together:

I will sew the blocks together two by two and appliqué the circles between the two blocks:

I have a decision to make a this point.  If I want to add any embroidery embellishments, this is the time to add them before the two block pieces are sewn into bigger blocks which would be more cumbersome to hold while embroidering.  I have an idea for the embellishment and will try it and share next post!

I am moving along with the pastel appliqué blocks.  I added French Knots to the first block and do like the effect:

Here is the second block:

With the third block, I made the decision to not have all the backgrounds the same color so this one is on a yellow background.  That give me a better chance to use some green in the pieces.  The green turned out to be a little too light to show up so I outline stitched it to make it stand out more:

Here are the blocks together with the fabrics set out for the next two:

I’m happy with how it’s coming along!  It’s enjoyable to work with these colors right now.

I am embarking on 2 “new adventures” in my life.  I finally found a volunteer opportunity that I like.  I have started volunteering at a local thrift shop in which all the money – and I mean ALL – goes to worthy charities.  I’ve had 2 training sessions so far and look forward to doing this more.  I’ve already met people I like and hope to get to know a little more.  I like that I can volunteer any time with the frequency I wish – no absolutely set schedule.  Last year they gave over $60,000 dollars to charity so they do a good business!

My other new adventure is that I have decided to write a “Daily Haiku,”  i.e. one haiku every day.   Most of you probably know that a haiku is a poem of 3 lines with the first and third lines 5 syllables and the middle line 7 syllables.  You try to capture the essence or kernel of an idea within that framework. I started on June 1 and am enjoying the challenge!  I have seen quilting/textile blogs showing some quilters and textile artists doing daily art projects, but I’m not motivated to do any other daily textile projects than the longer term ones I’m already doing!  The idea of the daily activity is to do it quickly and improvisationally without too much laboring over whether it is “good”.  Some of my haiku will be good and some probably awful, but I like the format and the idea of the daily challenge.  And sometimes smaller projects like this can spark ideas for larger projects though that is not necessarily my intent here!  In my 11 days so far I have written about sewing twice and will share those with you:

I love stitching cloth.

My thread is the passing of

Time.  Marks left behind.


Quietly stitching

Outdoors with the birds and trees

Home surrounds me.  Peace.


Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi




6 thoughts on “June 11, 2017: June is my favorite month!; Project updates and new adventures

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Barb. It’s good to get positive feedback re the new haiku challenge. I’ll probably share a few more in future posts. I continue to enjoy your blog and seeing your projects. Gladi

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    I can see why you love June. Your indoor/outdoor spaces are wonderful. Your pastel blocks are simply beautiful. I cannot wait to see what they become. I am happy to hear you found a volunteer opportunity that you enjoy. And, I love the fact that ALL of the money goes to charities. I loved Haiku when I was in high school. It probably started because it was a simple way to get a poetry assignment done! I had a wonderful English teacher who instilled in me a love for simple poetry that I carry with me today. Enjoy your Haiku challenge.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Wendy, for your continued encouragement re my projects! By the way, I’ll be at the VQF 10 days from now on the 23rd. Any chance you’ll be there that day? If so, it would be fun to try to meet to say hello! I’m also going to try to get to the Maine show next month so there might be another opportunity then. Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      I do love my porch and spend as much time as possible there when the weather is good. Unfortunately we are on day 3 of a heat wave so can’t be out there today! Weather is supposed to be back to normal by tomorrow, thank goodness. Gladi


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