June 30, 2017: Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 2

Greetings!  As promised, here are more quilts from the Vermont Quilt Festival.  One of my favorite quilts was the winner of the Best Hand Quilting Award.  Janet Atkins is a master hand quilter and was very deserving of this award.  Her quilt was not just gorgeously hand quilted, but beautiful overall in color and design.  Too bad the inspiration was the loss of another quilt.  I remember the quilt that was lost and it was incredible.  I can’t imagine how bad I would feel if one of my quilts was lost or stolen.  I breathed a great sigh of relief when my Spirit of Japan arrived home – delivered by FedEX – from Vermont this week.  Be sure to click on the pictures to see closeups of the fabulous quilting!

I’ve been to the Vermont quilt show every year for 20 years in a row – amazing!!  Over the years, I’ve identified some “regulars” – quilters who seem to have a quilt in the show pretty often, if not necessarily every year.  I look for quilts by these folks every time I go.  Here are those folks and their quilts:

Ann Feitelson – always has incredible design with fabulous use of relatively bright colors.  This year’s quilt was wonderful, as usual!  I love her work!:

Timna Tarr is another quilter who is excellent at using color.  She is a master at making great scrap quilts often using traditional blocks.  Isn’t this quilt fun?!:

You can see in the second picture above that there is a special ribbon on the quilt.  This was one of my criticisms of this year’s show – several quilts had ribbons stating “special award” but there was never anything indicating what the award was for!  In past years a slip of paper was put into the show booklet with this information – after the awards ceremony where awards were announced.  That wasn’t done this year and I never saw any sign or listing of these awards.

Hope Johnson is making a series of quilts based on “bees.”  I love the bright color combination she used in the “bee” quilt in this year’s show.  I believe that’s a “Judge’s Choice” ribbon on it:

Pat Delaney is a top notch quilt maker who has won awards for her quilts with excellent machine quilting and overall workmanship at the national level so I always enjoy seeing what she is up to.  This year’s quilt was lovely!  I enjoyed seeing the pastel colors since I’ve just started on a project with pastels.  She won a “best mixed techniques” award since the quilt showcases piecing, appliqué, embroidery, and quilting.

And this was Megan Farkas’ entry this year – an original design and something less complex than the incredible appliqué quilt she entered last year!  I love her use of color here.  The hand quilting on this one is amazingly good – tiny stitches on batiks!  I know how hard that is to do!   She won a Judge’s Choice!!  I don’t think her quilt was shown off as well as it might have been on the black background sheets:

I think that’s enough visual stimulation for this time!!  I have plenty more quilts to share in future posts to stay tuned.   By the way, I had a lot of nice compliments from the judges on their score cards this year – that info came with the quilt delivery.  I got high marks for visual impact. The liked my quilting stitches – which I had been worried about!  They liked my use of the fabrics and how I arranged them.  And for the first time in a very long time I did not have any points taken off for my binding!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


2 thoughts on “June 30, 2017: Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 2

  1. Janet Atkins

    Thank you for your kind words about my quilt, and for sharing the other quilts at the show. It looks like it was a great show.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Janet – would love to meet you some time! I so enjoy meeting and sharing info with other dedicated hand quilters. I’d love to “pick your brain” on how you consistently get such tiny stitches; what needles, thread, batting, etc. By the way, I love your use of color! I look forward to seeing more work by you. Gladi


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