July 8, 2017: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 3 2. Project Updates

Greetings!  It’s been a busy week especially with the grandkids with us for a couple of days.  Nevertheless, I managed to get some sewing done.  I got tired of quilting Baptist fans on “We Are Stardust”, even though I’m almost done with them.  Instead, I spent some time on the border, outlining the vines and leaves.  I decided to quilt diagonal 45 degree lines as the border background behind the vines and leaves – simple and easy.  The Baptist fans have not been that easy because I am sewing through so many seams from the stars!  The border is much easier and should go pretty fast:

I am sewing the silk quilt together in 3 large horizontal sections, top, middle, and bottom.  I am doing the embroidery embellishments as I go.  I completed the top section!

Sorry the pictures are darker than I’d like.  I took them with my new i-phone and am experimenting with using it for pictures rather than using my usual camera.  I still have much to learn to get really good pictures with the phone.  Please click on the pics for enlargements so you can see the embellishments better.

I made 3 more blocks for the pastel quilt.  These are fun and relatively easy and feed my need to work in these softer colors for now.  I can also make them without stressing yet on how I’m going to use them in a larger composition.

And I finished the third doll quilt top!

I picked out the backings for the 3 doll quilts and will next layer and baste them.  Quilting must be done by October 12th on these and Stardust!

Here are some of the quilts from the Vermont Quilt Festival that I really liked:

Incredible piecing and fabric choices in this one.  The red upper ribbon was one of those “special awards” that I mentioned last post that never got defined.  I thought maybe best piecing but that was mentioned on another quilt.  Maybe best “traditional”?

Love this appliqué!  In fact, I used the same feather pattern, though reduced in size considerably, in my “Feathering My Nest” quilt.  I love the primarily red and green color choices on this one:

This was a wonderful Baltimore Album based on a Sue Garman pattern.  I’d seen this one in magazines and on-line but it was nice to see it in person and be able to examine it more closely.  What an incredible amount of work and so well done!:

Loved seeing Barb Vedder’s “Alice Payne” in person!!  I had admired it on her blog and it’s such a lovely classic with wonderful workmanship and design changes from the original to make it her own:

Christine Wickert not only won best mini for her fabulous appliqué based on Debra Kembrell designs, but had another beautifully executed quilt in the show with excellent appliqué and hand quilting:

I thought this was an excellent use of EPP and design adaptation of the typical Grandmother’s Flower Garden – really liked how the values change throughout.  I very much liked how she quilted it.  Once again, I don’t know what the special award was for.:

This quilt was entirely machine made and the colors, design, and workmanship were wonderful.  Lots of crystals, which I’m not sure you can see in my photos.  I think the award was for machine quilting on a home machine:

That’s all for today!  I have at least a few more posts worth of pictures from Vermont and then yesterday I went down to the New England Quilt Museum and have quite a few pictures from their current exhibit to share – so lots of pictures in upcoming posts!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi



4 thoughts on “July 8, 2017: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 3 2. Project Updates

  1. Evelyn Hatch

    Thank you for sharing so many fabulous quilts from the quilt festival. It’s overwhelming. As are you…so much accomplished each week. You must never sleep!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      I’m happy to be able to share these quilts; I know I enjoy quilts that are shown on other blogs. I’m blessed to need less sleep than most – 6-7 hours is usually enough. That probably does help me to accomplish quite a bit. Gladi

  2. Barb Vedder

    Thanks for including my Alice Payne quilt. I loved Christine’s quilt. Her quilts are always lovely.
    Your little doll quilt is wonderful and your applique’ blocks look great.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks for sharing your quilt at the show! You’re right – Christine’s quilts are wonderful. Gladi


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