August 2, 2017: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 5 2. Retirement – 1 year! 3. Family fun

Greetings!  I still haven’t finished sharing pictures of the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Here is Part 5 and there will be one last part 6 soon.  AND – I went to the Maine Quilt Festival last weekend so will begin showing quilts from that show soon!

Here’s a quilt at the Vermont show that I saw at the Maine show in 2016 – so good it warrants another showing!  The colors and quilting are exquisite!  (Click on pics to enlarge):

The embroidery on this next one was wonderful!  It won the award for best quilt depicting the special theme of “seasons” for this this year’s show:

The next quilt had excellent and interesting embellishments and won the award for this!!!  Amazing!

I liked the graphic nature of the stars, the use of retro 19th century prints, and the setting in the next one.  It was beautifully pieced:

Really enjoyed the basket design in this one and the appliqué was lovely:

Lovely applique in this one:

I can hardly believe that it’s been a year since I fully retired!  It was a year ago this past weekend that I made the decision and a year ago 8/4 that I handed in my resignation letter.  It has gone so fast!  I love the freedom of not having such a rigid, set schedule every day and the wonderful flexibility that allows me to mostly do what I want to when I want to do it.  Such a change from my working life!!!  I can tell I made the right decision because, after having devoted 45 years of my life to being a doctor and practicing medicine, I don’t miss it at all!  I am totally embracing the opportunity to be creative in ways other than scientific and administrative.  Quilt making allows me to explore color, pattern, design, and technique.  I play music (my accordion!) regularly, hoping to gradually improve, and I love playing music with my group of musical friends.  I am writing haikus – haven’t missed a day in over 2 months now!! – and am starting to explore/read poetry other than haikus and may try my hand at writing other types of poetry.  Before I decided to become a doctor, I had wanted to be a writer so I can now explore this side of me.   I try hard to exercise regularly.  I am never bored!!!!  I feel privileged to be able to afford to live like this, but I did work very very hard for a very long time so feel deserving as well!

I haven’t got a lot of sewing done since my last post because we’ve spent time with the grandkids:

And Al and I just spent a couple days on Cape Cod, visiting some of our favorite places.  The weather was perfect!!  We visited the Audubon Bird Sanctuary in Wellfleet:

and the Monomoy protected shore area in Chatham:

I absolutely love the blue hydrangeas on the Cape; they are everywhere!!!

We visited some of our favorite art galleries and had dinner at our favorite restaurant, Pisces, in South Harwich.  We spent a little time on the beach, too.  A perfect short getaway!!!

I’m working on another block for the pastel quilt:

and hand quilting the second doll quilt:

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi




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