August 7, 2017: 1. Doll quilt #2 finished! 2. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 6 (the last!)

Greetings!  While driving to the gym yesterday AM, I caught a brief snippet of the radio show “On Being” in which the moderator was interviewing Catherine Bateson, the daughter of the famous anthropologists, Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson.  They were discussing religion and Ms. Bateson mentioned that her mother envisioned heaven as a place of “tireless creativity.”  I love that thought!!!  Meanwhile, I am envisioning my ideal retirement as a time of “tireless creativity!”

You know you have too much fabric when you:  find a large plastic tub full of purple fabrics that you had totally forgotten you had under a bed in the guest room!  (You also know you haven’t kept up with cleaning!!)  My sister in law is visiting from Washington DC later this week and that’s what we found while cleaning the guest bedroom.  I think I put it there about 4 years ago after the “Spring Sonata” quilt top was complete.  It had a lot of purple fabrics in it and purple isn’t my favorite color so that’s probably why I didn’t miss it!

I finished doll quilt #2 – “Inner City.”  It is hand quilted.   I’m happy with how it came out – this is the first doll quilt I’ve made with Japanese fabrics.  Some  day I’d like to explore other designs using this basic pattern:

I’ve completed 2 more blocks for the pastel quilt ( I cannot get an accurate picture of the green background with my camera!  It is a richer, soft green, not the “white-ish” background you seen the picture):

And have started hand quilting the third, and final, doll quilt:

Here is my last installment of pictures from the Vermont Quilt show.  I want to give a “shout out” to members of my own guild who exhibited at the show.  I’m proud of them for their good work and their willingness to share it at the show!!

Lorraine Hall (who for years did major volunteer work at the show and who graciously took our quilts up so we didn’t have to ship them!):

Jacque Thompson, who is the very capable chair of our Cocheco Guild’s annual show:

Carol Poitras – don’t you just love the title of this one!

This one is so interesting and colorful!

I’m including one more that isn’t from my guild just because it is a very lovely appliqué and is hand quilted!

I think that will be it for sharing Vermont pictures!  I know I missed getting pictures of some excellent quilts, but I didn’t want to have a camera in front of my face the whole time and tried to get the ones I like best.   Starting next post I’ll share some quilts from the Maine quilt show.  Also, I am hoping to get to the Macuso show in Manchester later this month and should have lots of pictures from that one.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi





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