September 1, 2017: 1. World Quilt Show pictures, part 2 2. Getting ready for a trip!!

Greetings!  Here are a few more of the wonderful quilts I saw at the World Quilt Show 2 weeks ago.  Click on the pictures to enlarge and enjoy the wonderful details!

Beautiful appliqué and hand quilting on this one!

This next one won third place in the “traditional” category –  hand appliquéd and quilted – amazing details!

Loved the mosaic technique in this one, a best of country winner:

I want to make a log cabin quilt with logs as skinny as these (an honorable mention winner)!!!:

Amazing use of yarn in this next quilt!  I don’t see myself ever doing this, but the effect was great in this quilt, another best of country winner:

Compare this winner of best “traditional” machine workmanship with the winner of the best traditional hand workmanship quilt I showed in the last post – same design!!!  Interesting to contrast the hand and machine quilting.  (Sorry I didn’t get the name of the quilter downloaded in this group – will try to include in next post):

I just love these “millefiori” designs and hope to make one some day:


That’s enough for today!  There are more for future posts so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Al and I are leaving on a trip on Monday:

It’s going to be so exciting!  Lots of art, architecture, history, and culture!  I won’t be posting again until after we get back on 9/21.  We rented apartments  through VRBO in Prague and Budapest and are staying in a hotel in Vienna.  We’ll be doing A LOT of walking and I think my knee is up for it.  I’ll be posting pictures, of course, after we return, but I won’t be posting while we are away.  I’m prepping a travel sewing kit for the trip – all English Paper Piecing, which I think is ideal for this type of trip.  I’m making pentagonal flowers for the lower border of “Twinkle” – I think these are just “folk-artsy” enough for this quilt:

See the little TSA approved travel scissors I bought!

And I’m starting a new long term EPP project with reproduction fabrics.  Here are 4 pieces that I completed already:

I’ve prepped another dozen “stars” and will shop for background fabric after the trip.  This should be enough sewing since I also have books to read – all on my phone!  I’m going to be reading books on poetry.  I’ve not missed a day of writing a haiku for 3 months now!

Meanwhile the silk quilt is coming along – getting close to finishing the bottom part:

Happy labor day weekend to all.  I’ll be back late September!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi







11 thoughts on “September 1, 2017: 1. World Quilt Show pictures, part 2 2. Getting ready for a trip!!

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts. Have a fantastic trip and have fun with all those stars and hexies. I think you will stir up a lot of interest as you stitch away!

  2. Paul McKenna

    Some phenomenally excellent quilts on display with this post Gladi and your own efforts continue to delight and impress. The three travel guide books are likely just the tip of the iceberg with respect to your preparations for the upcoming journey (notice how I’m avoiding the word ‘trip’). Lee and I trust that you and Al will have a glorious time as you visit these three venerable cities and wish we could be there also…however, we shall look forward to photos and True Tales upon your safe return. Best Regards, Paul

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Paul and Lee! We’re hoping we can arrange a lunch with you while you’re in Brattleboro – that’s only a month from now! It’s going to go fast! Gladi

  3. Shary Fellows

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. I’ll miss your posts however. I was hoping I would see you at the Maine Quilt Show, and then when are paths didn’t cross there, my focus changed to Manchester. Alas, our meeting wasn’t to be this year. Maybe next.

  4. Rose in VT

    I was also impressed with the amount of hand quilting at the show in Manchester. Have a wonderful trip and safe
    travelling. I’ll be heading to fall Paducah the middle of the month and can’t help but wonder how that will be. Meanwhile starting new projects and continuing with the old…:)

  5. Lee

    Gladi: I know you are off exploring other vistas, but had to comment on the Ornithology of Oz. This made me turn back to my long-stashed-in-a-drawer crewelwork supplues. It is glorious!


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