November 11, 2017: Updates on silk quilt border and hexagon stars; What I bought in Houston; More pictures from Houston

Greetings!  I’ve made a decision on the silk quilt border.  It’s going to be blue with the red thin inner border and I am embroidering stars in bright colors on it.  I worked up a sample of these stars to see what it would look like and I like it!  Here’s the sample:

So I cut my first long border strip, interfaced it to prevent raveling, started to draw the stars, and am now ready to start stitching!

My reproduction hexagon star flowers project was supposed to be a “long term” project, just worked on when I’m out of the house and need handwork and taking – years??.  However, seems like I have been traveling a lot recently – plus I’m addicted to making these! – so I have now completed 52 stars and have about 30 more cut and ready to go.  Here’s the latest batch with some closeups (click on pics to enlarge):

There were hundreds of vendors in Houston and I did my part for the economy!  I love books and bought 3 – would have bought more, but I did not want to have to send a package home so limited myself to what would fit in my suitcase.  Of course I had to have the new book on Indigo in Japan:

And the third book in this series on English Paper Pieced quilts which is filled with fantastic projects!:

And I happened to meet Yoko Saito in the Martingale publishing booth and she signed one of her books for me:

Yoko had a fantastic exhibit of her quilts at the show and I will get to sharing many of these with you in another post.

Of course I bought some fabric!  I found this excellent fat quarter stack (17 pieces) of Japanese indigo fabrics and bought a 2 yard piece of creamy white brushed cotton fabric to go with them:

Thinking of maybe making a blue and white quilt.  On the other hand, I’ve been looking at the waning autumn colors recently and seeing a lot of – cheddar!

Blue and cheddar/gold would be a nice combination – we’ll see!

I also bought 2 packs of “fat eights” of lighter/softer colored reproduction fabrics (my collection tends to have more of the darker/brighter colors) plus a few fat quarters and am mulling over possible designs to use these in – no decisions yet.  “Lady of the Lake” or some sort of basket pattern are prime possibilities, with an elaborate appliquéd border, of course!!  I do have a basket of similar lighter/softer fabrics that I have been collecting the past few years to go with these so there is plenty on hand to get started – but I think I want to move current projects further along before I do that.

One of my best purchases was this pack of freezer paper sheets:

I had been drawing each of my hexagon templates individually on regular freezer paper.  Now I only need this one master copy and can run the paper through our printer for more!  Also this paper is a bit sturdier than regular freezer paper so is good for templates for EPP.  I also bought a pack of pre-cut diamonds the right size to connect my hexagon star flowers and the acrylic template with which to cut out the shapes:

Other purchases included a number of packs of different size needles to replenish my supply, another pair of Kai scissors, and some blades for my rotary cutter.  A one yard piece of a gorgeous shade of green silk fabric made me buy it :):) (No picture because green does not photograph well for me.)  Everything fit nicely in my suitcase!!

I still marvel that I made it to the Houston show!  I loved the whole experience.  If I go again, I will attend more lectures and perhaps sign up for a class, but I really appreciate the time I had to really look at the quilts.  The quality of the quilts in the competition was outstanding!  The special exhibits were wonderful.  Just about the only negative thing I can think of to say is that I did not find much authentic Japanese fabric in the vendor section.  Out of the hundreds of vendors, I only found 3 that had authentic Japanese fabric (very limited selection!) and a couple of those had a very, very small selection of antique indigo fabrics and I didn’t think the quality of those was particularly good.  I loved, though, that there were vendors from France, Netherlands, Australia, Africa, and South America!!!

More pictures from the show:

Here is the additional information about the quilt in my last post that was not identified (one of my favorites!!):

Here are 2 additional pictures of the beautiful quilt that won first place for “embellishments” (see previous post for full picture)

And here is a closeup of the border of the basket quilt from my last post:

This quilt won first place for traditional appliqué – and it’s a real stunner!

This wonderful quilt won first place in the traditional piecing category.  I love how she used circles in her design – they add a lot.:

And this gorgeous quilt won third place in the traditional appliqué category:

This was the second place winner in traditional pieced (tiny pieces!!!):

Oops – can’t find the ID card for the above – will include in next post.

Linda Roy – one of my quilting idols! – had another lovely quilt in the show, but it didn’t win anything.  That just shows how tough the competition was and how outstanding the quilts in the show were!!

Another gorgeous Japanese quilt:

Many more pictures to come!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi

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