April 4, 2018: Quilting Friends Are The Best!

Greetings!  When I talked at the opening of my exhibit at the Quilt Museum in January, I said that one of the things that makes me passionate about making quilts is the quilt community.  The past several days has been all about that for me.  On Saturday I went to the museum to meet with Wendy Reed (Blog: The Constant Quilter) and her friend Karen.  We were joined by Laura from the museum (collections manager)  and the 4 of us had a wonderful time together looking at my quilts and the Japanese quilts and “talking quilts and fabric”.   We topped it off by having lunch together.  I loved every minute!!  I had met Wendy  only briefly at the Maine quilt show a year and a half ago so it was great to spend more time together and hopefully we’ll get together for more quilt activities in the future!  We are quilting “kindred spirits” for sure!

Laura, Karen, and Wendy:

With me:

Then last evening I hosted my “Durham, Lee, Madbury” quilt group that has been getting together once a month since 2000.  We share our projects, socialize, and have fun.  Here are some pictures from the gathering:

Kathy with her fabulous heavily embellished Christmas tree skirt:

Rosemary with her 2 Elizabeth Hartman animals projects:

Jean with her fusible appliqué with stained glass effect project:

Kathryn with her penny rug:

Some “genera”l shots:

A special  moment from the meeting was when Havrilla, who had purchased one of my quilts 11 years ago at a guild silent auction regifted the quilt back to me because she is moving to Arizona and downsizing and it doesn’t fit her decor there.  Sad for us that she’s moving but how wonderful that she returned my quilt to me.

Truer colors than above:

I loved this quilt and had thought about making another one for myself, but didn’t have enough of the border fabric.  I’m happy to have it back!

I feel very fortunate to be part of the “quilting community.”

I know that very often we feel that our projects are taking a lot longer than we thought they would.  I’m having the opposite happen – the medallion center for “Sweet Journeys” is coming together faster than I thought it would.  Using Karen Buckley’s “Perfect Circles,” the 180 grapes are being made and appliquéd in record time!!

The original pattern showed 2 bunches of red grapes and one of green in each quadrant.  However, when I pinned green grapes on they looked very bland next to the green leaves so I had to rethink what to do.

I also thought 2 bunches of red wasn’t right either,.  I cut lots of small circles from several fabrics to try out options and settled on a different fabric and color for each of the 3 bunches per quadrant:

This is much better!  Attention to these kinds of details really makes a difference.  Another detail that was bothering me was the border of this doll quilt top:

Too plain!  So I experimented with adding some strips and liked it so now the quilt top looks like this:

This detail improves it in my opinion!n  There will be a matching cheddar border on the outside and then will look even better.

Since I am going to have “It Takes A Village” machine quilted, I decided to piece a back for it from lots of cheery fabrics and some 30’s reproductions that have been in my stash forever.  These are 6 1/2 inch squares, not sewn together yet:

I normally don’t piece backs (any more than I have to!) when I’m hand quilting because of all the extra seams to quilt through, but like to do this for machine quilted pieces.   A lot of these fabrics were from the Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins collection “Frostings” from somewhere between 15-20 years ago!  They go with the quilt top and I even used some of these fabrics for leaves and in other places on the top.  From the beginning of my quilting journey I have always used fabric for quilt backing that has some relationship to the quilt top itself – just my way of making the quilt an “organic whole” so that the back doesn’t seem “alien” to the quilt as a complete object.

And, finally, I have continued hand quilting circles for this quilt:

I’ve been calling it “asian circles” while I try to think of something better and I now think I have a title for it that I like:  “Summer Breeze.”

Many thanks to all my readers for being part of my “quilting community.”  I’m blessed to have you!!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



5 thoughts on “April 4, 2018: Quilting Friends Are The Best!

  1. Marie Tymrak

    Your friend, Havrilla, will be welcome indeed in any of the Arizona Quilrt Guild chapters! I loved seeing the different look provided by that thin border on the small log cabin quilt. Thanks.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Marie. Are you in a guild? If so, would you let me know which one so I can let Havrilla know? She already owns a house in Phoenix. Gladi

      1. Marie Tymrak

        I recently joined the Maverick Art Quilters, a chapter of the Arizona Quilt Guild, which meets in Tempe, near the university campus. It is a large group, but diverse. Last month, we welcomed a new American citizen, from Denmark!

  2. Barb Vedder

    I am so happy that i was able to see your quilts last month. They are just wonderful. I was hoping to go when Wendy did, but we couldn’t manage it.
    Your berries look wonderful I like your solution. I’m working with berries too and have found the pre-cut paper pieces are a dream! I cut my own for over 25 years.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you Barb – so glad you enjoyed the exhibit. It would have been wonderful if you could have joined us. I’m hoping to meet you some day. I saw your post about the circles from Paper Pieces for appliqué and I knew immediately I wanted to try them. Until I discovered the K.K. Buckley “Perfect Circles” I needle turned all my berries. No more!! Gladi


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