July 5, 2018: Lots more pictures from the Vermont Quilt Festival!

Greetings!  With the 4th of July holiday and the current heat wave, I haven’t done much sewing the past few days.  That creates a perfect opportunity to share more quilts from the Vermont Quilt Festival on the blog.  Without further ado (click on pics to enlarge for details):

I was impressed with this interesting, fussy cut star beauty!

I mentioned previously that some folks expressed some “Judy Niemeyer design fatigue” but her designs can be quite impressive when done well and with interesting color choices.  I particularly like to compare different color versions when they appear in the same show:

Which do you like better?

They were both well done!  One won an exceptional merit ribbon (and the additional ribbon was, I think, for excellence in machine quilting) and the other a blue!

These next 2 are piecing “tour de forces”!!!  Look at all the different pieces in this first one, a replica of an antique done in more modern fabrics:

And this one is tiny hexagons with the design made purely by color choices.  You have to look at the edge/border in the picture with the name and ribbon – it’s not appliquéd onto another fabric; rather the edge is finished against the backing – not an easy thing to do!!!  It won the award for best pieced quilt!

This quilt was beautifully done and won the award for best small quilt:

The next 2 quilts are traditional style quilts and feature lots of reproduction style fabrics.  Both were lovely!!

Another excellent “star” quilt, but very different!  (Sorry I missed getting a closeup):

Samplers are not may favorite style quilt, but they can be wonderful if the blocks are original and interesting, settings and colors add interest, and the workmanship is excellent.  Here’s an example of a wonderful sampler.   Look at all the great, fun details!!!!

This interesting quilt won a Judge’s Choice ribbon:

This one was Best Pictorial quilt and it was lovely!!!

Last one for today is this version of “Passacaglia.”  I have all 3 of the Millefiore books published by Quiltmania and hope to someday do some (one??) of the designs.  I find them fascinating, but know they are challenging!

That should be enough for today!  I still have quite a few more quilts to share, plus some from the special exhibit of Judy Dales quilts and some from the “Best of Quilt Con” exhibit.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph the quilts from the antique quilt exhibit this year; there were a lot of lovely appliqué quilts in that exhibit!

Another book recommendation!   “Educated” by Tara Westover.  This is a powerful memoir of her growing up in Idaho in a “survivalist” Mormon family.  She never went to school and wasn’t even home schooled, she was physically abused, never saw a doctor, never had a birth certificate, and yet studied on her own and got into Brigham Young University and eventually got a PhD from Cambridge University in England.  It’s a fascinating story and a fast read because it is so interesting and well written.  I highly recommend it!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


1 thought on “July 5, 2018: Lots more pictures from the Vermont Quilt Festival!

  1. Mrs. Plum

    Gladi, I, too, recently read “Educated” by Tara Westover. Her telling of her life story made me want to weep, not only for the physical abuse, but for the mental and emotional abuse as well. She seems to have overcome, and I applaud her for that. Thanks for sharing more quilts from the Vermont Quilt Festival!


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