October 3, 2018: New Autumn Project; “Star Trek” in the hoop!

Greetings!  Every day there is more color outside!  Autumn colors are my favorite.  13 years ago we did a major renovation of our house.  What was the family room became our dining room and we decorated it using my quilt “Keeping Autumn With Me” as the focal point. (Click on pics to enlarge.)

We had tiles made for the fireplace that used the Oak Leaf and Reel designs of the corner blocks in my quilt and the vine border idea:

We had a grate made for the fireplace with an oak leaf design:

I had curtains with vines and leaves made:

Ever since then I’ve had making a table runner for the table on my “to do” list and finally now is the time!  It’s going to be 18 inches wide and I think will go the 80 inch length of the table.  There will be 3 six inch wide strips running the length.  The two outer strips will be half square triangles in fall colors.  The center strip will have some sort of vine and leaf design which I haven’t yet created.  I’ll need 256 of the 2 inch half square triangles and have 40 made so far,  Here’s a ROUGH idea of how it will be laid out, but am not sure if the center strip will be a gold background as in the picture or something darker:

I also realize now that I have posted the above picture, I’ll probably turn the half square triangles on the right the other way ( the darker pieces abutting the center strip) for balance.  I’ll keep you posted as I work on it!

I FINALLY started to hand quilt “Star Trek”!!!  This will be my major hand quilting project for this fall and winter (and into spring??).  My goal is to have it ready for the 2019 Vermont Quilt Festival.  I have 2 stars and a few of the spiral galaxies quilted.  I decided to stick with mostly straight lines to emphasize and enhance the star shapes.  I am, however, quilting spirals between the spriral arms of the galaxies:

So far, I am quilting through the silk, the fusible interfacing, the silk batting, and the cotton backing with no trouble.   It feels about the same as when a top is cotton.  I am using Gutterman 100% silk thread in colors to match the backgrounds.  This is my favorite hand quilting thread as it glides easily through most fabric.  I’m pretty sure it’s 40 weight.  JoAnn’s carries some colors, but I order other colors I need at Red Rock Threads in Utah.  They have all the colors and are wonderful and prompt with orders.

This project:

is on hold for the moment while I enjoy working with autumn colors for the table runner, quilting Star Trek, and while I prepare for my EPP demo at the quilt show:

and while I get ready for my trunk show next week.  Even though I’ve done the trunk show enough times to be pretty comfortable with it  and to not need a ton of preparation, I still find it helps to go through the sequence of things a few times and to review certain parts during the week before just to make sure I remember everything.  Being well prepared is my recipe for being comfortable and confident with public speaking.

The word “sanctuary” has been in my mind recently.  A good friend who is a pastor recently did a sermon with that theme.  I’ve been thinking how my sewing room and, in a more abstract way, my sewing TIME, no matter where it’s done, has been a sanctuary for me.  Sanctuary – a place of refuge and safety,  This was especially true when I was working full time as a physician and administrator and faced numerous challenges every working day, but it’s still true today.  How wonderful to escape to a world of color, pattern, creation, and “doing” with my hands, to making something beautiful, to expressing myself artistically.  Quilting as my “sanctuary……

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


3 thoughts on “October 3, 2018: New Autumn Project; “Star Trek” in the hoop!

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    Sanctuary indeed. I am so thankful for my sewing time. Your runner will be fabulous in your dining room. How wonderful that you able to find a blacksmith to do your custom work and those tiles are gorgeous. Have fun with “Star Trek” this winter. and have a great time at the show!

  2. Lee

    Truly appreciate the “Sanctuary” theme. The sermon that I preached utilizing your six reasons to be passionate about making quilts was a big hit with congregational members and with our guest quilters alike. Now I’m milking over the elasticity of the idea of Sanctuary.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Lee! Wish I could have been there to hear you. I know I would have loved it. And, of course, you have Craig to thank for the “sanctuary” idea. It’s an excellent topic to ponder. I trust you folks are enjoying your new home, especially the great location. Best to all, Gladi


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