October 12, 2018: An Amazing Gift!!!

Greetings!  I’ve been exceedingly busy the past week with getting ready for and giving a trunk show for my own guild, preparing for giving a demonstration at my guild’s show tomorrow, and getting quilts ready for the show.  I’m off within the next hour to spend most of today helping with the set-up of the show.  This is all not to mention other “life stuff” happening that kept me busy too – none of us are just quilt makers!!!  So I have accomplished little actual sewing since my last post – other than making quilt labels!!  After this weekend’s show I’ll have more time and willhave pictures of quilts from the show to share and will bring you up to date on my projects.

Today, though, I want to share with you an incredible gift I received.  When I got home from giving my trunk show at about 9:30 Tuesday evening there was a large package from UPS waiting for me in our driveway.  I knew I hadn’t ordered anything and neither had my husband.  I saw that it was a package from Lorayne Dodge, a quilter in my area who is now in her 90’s.  Our guild did a special exhibit of her quilts at our show a couple years ago and we got to talk with each other.  I love her quilts and she loves mine.  Most of her latter quilts are wall quilts using oriental and other interesting fabrics.  She sent me a HUGE bag of hand painted fabrics and some silks!!!!  She included a note saying she can no longer quilt and thought I would be a good person to give her stash of hand painted fabrics to!!!  WOW!  What an incredible gift!  Here are some pictures of the fabrics:

There are lots and lots of pieces of various sizes – surely many yards of fabric overall.  Lorayne’s generosity is beyond words!!!  I have already started to look through some of my Art Quilt books for ideas for what to do with these fabrics.  I’d like to start something soon and not let them sit for too long.

Gotta run for the show set-up!  Will try to post very soon again with some quilty thoughts I’ve been having about “stitching” and some pictures from the show.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi

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