November 6, 2018: “Star Trek” update; Off to Houston!

Greetings, friends!  I am in the midst of packing for Houston.  We will have to leave the house at about 3:45 AM tonight in order to get to the airport in Boston for my flight to Houston which leaves shortly after 7 AM.  I’ll have to try to take a nap tomorrow afternoon at the hotel so I can enjoy the preview tomorrow evening.  I’m excited!  And you can be sure I will be posting lots of pictures from the festival, but not until after I get home on the 11th.

Meanwhile, I’ve realized  I had better get cracking on the hand quilting of Star Trek.  I counted 85 total stars in the quilt and 84 “spiral galaxies.”  I’m  quilting each star shape 3 times, plus 4 parallel lines in each of the blue “strips along the star edges.  And, as you know,  each galaxy gets a spiral quilting line.  I have a dozen of the stars and galaxies done so have about 72 of each to go.  If I get 4 of each done per week, I will need 18 weeks from mid November to finish the quilt center by early April.  That will give me April and May to get the border done – all in time for the Vermont Festival in June.  This is how I often break my hand quilting down if there is a deadline – in small “chunks” over specified time periods.  This really helps me stay on track.   I think this should be very do-able!!!  And if the winter is tough and I’m stuck at home a lot, I may finish it well ahead of time! (probably wishful thinking!)

(Click on pics to enlarge)

And here is how the back is looking!

I hope to post some festival quilt pics next Monday or Tuesday after I’m back home!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


2 thoughts on “November 6, 2018: “Star Trek” update; Off to Houston!

  1. Evelyn Hatch

    Wow that’s a lot of quilting – how is the silk holding up during all this? What are you using as the quilting thread? You’ve probably told us by I’ve forgotten. Fly safely (no delays) and safe return. Needn’t say Have Fun – how could you not!


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