January 9, 2018: Projects update; Houston Festival Pictures, Part 9

Greetings!  I am really focusing on finishing the quilt for my new (coming in February!) granddaughter.  I appliquéd the last 2 blocks (click on pics to enlarge):

And cut border and corner strips and put everything up on the design wall so see how it would look (without the sashing):

I decided I will add a heart in each of the corners, fussy cut with a bunny in the center!

And I decided it needed a yellow strip to separate the center from the border:

I’ve started to add the sashing and there will be yellow squares at the intersections of the blocks:

It shouldn’t take me too long to get this together!!

Meanwhile, I finished making the basic dark background blocks for the border of Winter Solstice.  Only 10 of the 40 have the embellishments so the rest are in my pile of “handwork” to be done over time when I get a chance:

After all my struggles with border design for this quilt, I am very very happy with how this “reversed values” border came out!!!!!!

And I am making slow but steady progress hand quilting Star Trek.

Here are pictures from 2 SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Association) exhibits at the Houston show.  I don’t make what are considered “art quilts” (I consider myself a traditional quilt artist), but I very much appreciate the artistic merit, beauty, and power of the best art quilts.  I enjoyed studying some of these quilts – design, use of color,  etc. – and I liked that there was hand quilting  and hand embellishment used in several.  Enjoy!

Al and I leave tomorrow for a short vacation to New York City – we’ll be home Sunday night.  Our good friends Paul and Lee from Canada (whom we visited in September) will be meeting us there and we plan to have a great time together dining out, going to a play on Broadway, museum going, etc.  We’ll also get to see our son and his partner who live in Brooklyn.  It’s going to be COLD, but we’ll dress warmly and enjoy ourselves!  I may have some pictures from NYC to share next week.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


2 thoughts on “January 9, 2018: Projects update; Houston Festival Pictures, Part 9

  1. Kim Maxwell

    Hi Gladi,
    I have been reading your blog emails now for a couple of years, and I really feel like I am sharing your quilting endeavours. I love it. I’m still working full time and renovating my house so my quilting has been shelved for a while. So I really look forward to and appreciate your blog. I also wanted to say your decision on the border for Winter Solstice was excellent, and I was wondering what binding you had in mind, and if you have considered using piping as a small border between the centre panel and the border ? Just thinking. Whatever you do, it will be magical as usual ! Best wishes, Kim
    Ed to

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Kim. Thanks so much for commenting! So glad you enjoy the blog. I can totally relate to the time constraints for quilting when working full time and especially adding in house renovations! You may want to try to sandwich in some hand work which is so meditative and relaxing. I honestly haven’t thought yet about the binding, but think I’m leaning dark indigo. Not sure about piping – I’ve done some piping and really like the effect but I’m not sure this quilt would benefit from it. Thanks for the idea and I’ll consider it when it comes time to sew those bindings on! Hope you can get back to sewing soon – I know it was a wonderful escape from work pressures when I was working full time and it probably helped keep me even-keeled and sane!! Gladi


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