February 11, 2019: Video “trailer” of “6 Reasons I’m Passionate About Making Quilts” available!

Greetings!  Last April during the last days of my exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum my good friend Craig Werth videotaped me talking about each of the quilts in the exhibit and  about why I’m passionate about making quilts.  We now finally have a DVD of this which goes for almost an hour.  Craig has created a “trailer” of the talk  which is up on You Tube and goes for about 7-8 minutes.  It highlights the 6 reasons I’m passionate about making quilts, fading in and out from parts of the talk.   If you would like to view it, there is a link to the video on the Home page of my web site.  You can get to the link by going to http://www.gladiquilts.net or clicking on the “About” button at the top of this blog.

There are some good closeups of my quilts and you can hear the reasons I’m passionate about quilting.  The trailer is a nice intro to the trunk show I give – there’s some overlap, but the trunk show includes a lot more.  If you like the trailer, you may want to consider having me do a trunk show for your guild.

As for the full hour DVD, I’ll be getting several copies and will have at least one (or a few) for posterity, will likely give one or two to the museum, and will lend them out to folks who didn’t make it to the exhibit but would like to see it and who I can trust to return them!

This video has been a project in the works for 10 months now and it feels great to finally have it completed!!!

I’ve devoted some significant attention to “Time of Plenty” this past week.  Several decisions had to be made.  I decided the red sashing would be 5/8 inch – 1/2 inch looked too narrow and 3/4 inch looked too wide:  (click on pics for enlargements)

I decided cornerstones where the blocks come together were needed and decided green was a good color choice:

For the setting triangles, I’d been planning on appliquéing oak leaves but they looked lost alone.  I thought about adding other leaves and when I experimented, I liked the following arrangement:

And I added embroidery embellishment to match what is on the appliquéd blocks in the center. I’m also alternating green and red leaves on the yellow backgrounds with blue and green leaves on the pink backgrounds:

The two rows in the upper right corner are sewn together; all the rest, including the appliqué and the embroidery for the setting triangles, cutting the appliqué blocks down to size, and sewing all the blocks and rows together, still needs to be done.

For the corner triangles I’m doing this:

I had to make a decision on the quilting for Star Trek.  The stars overlap in the overall design, but I did not continue that overlap right to the edge.  Instead, the outer stars are complete, leaving larger blue background areas:

I decided to continue the quilting from the rest of the center, creating partial stars and some circles:

This is still going to take a while!!!

I spent yesterday with my daughter and Ursula:

Trying to enjoy her as an infant while I can because it doesn’t last long!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



7 thoughts on “February 11, 2019: Video “trailer” of “6 Reasons I’m Passionate About Making Quilts” available!

  1. barbvedder

    What a beautiful baby Ursula is – so sweet. I loved watching your video and I hope the entire speaking portion will be available at some point. Your workmanship is remarkable and your color sense is glorious.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you so much, Barb. I’m lucky in that I seem to have a good innate sense of color and my passion for the process of making quilts is the engine that drives the “workmanship.” We’re kindred spirits. Gladi

  2. Mrs. Plum

    So glad you are enjoying your youngest grandchild’s babyhood. It definitely is fleeting!
    I just had the opportunity to view your video. You did such a good job of explaining your passion. I think the tactile part of quilting is so important. I read a piece recently about medical students not being good with their hands because they had never done any kind of craft that required manual dexterity. Yikes!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Interesting re the medical students comment!! I’ve been lucky to work with colleagues who seem pretty good at procedures, but I never thought to ask them about their experiences with crafts! Gladi


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