February 19, 2019: Projects slowly moving forward; Houston Festival pictures, Part 11

Greetings!  I’ve made progress on Time of Plenty this past week!  There are 7 diagonal rows to sew together and I have 3 of them completed.  For each row I have to appliqué and embellish the leaves in the setting triangles first and then I can proceed to add the sashing and sew the blocks and rows together – it’s not fast!  In the picture below of the “full” quilt center you can see the difference the sashing and appliqué make in the completed upper right section compared to the uncompleted lower left section (click on pics to enlarge):

A closer view of the completed section:

And a closer view of the incomplete section (the pink color is not as bright as it looks in the pic):

Some closeups of the appliquéd and embellished leaves:

I’m not in a rush; I have no deadline.  I’m just enjoying the process.  The quilt is a long way from complete as I’m planning an appliqué border next and I have to design it myself.

I continue to make blocks for the quilt using the hand painted fabrics I was given – I’m now up to 58.  I think I need almost 3 X that so this will take several more weeks (months???).  Here are some of the recent ones:

I’m having so much fun choosing the asian fabrics to go with the painted ones!  After another 30 or so blocks are made, I will need to put this on the design wall and analyze whether I have too few light value blocks, not enough of or too much of a specific color, etc.  Then I can focus on those elements of the design as I make the rest of the blocks.

I have received the paper pattern from Barbara Brackman for her “Hospital Sketches” quilt-along.  Can you believe I continued to struggle with what to use for a background until yesterday I finally decided to go with the cream colored fabric instead of the gold!  I’m still not 100 percent happy with this choice, but was unable to get the shade of gold I wanted.  Finally yesterday I drew the  pattern, made the templates and started pulling fabrics.

This is going to be a VERY TRADITIONAL album style quilt using very traditional colors.  Part of my struggle with starting this quilt is that this will be my third album style quilt and I don’t usually like to repeat myself and this will take away time from doing something of my own design.  Nevertheless, I like the idea of doing this with a group of others and I’ve been thinking that there are going to be some “open” spaces on the quilt and it might be a good opportunity for me to try some trapunto when I get to the quilting.  Anyway…..here goes!  I’ll be sharing pictures of the blocks over the next several months.  (Oh dear, I haven’t sewn anything onto the cream fabric yet which means I could still switch to the gold at the last second…….)

Still more pictures from Houston!!!!  Here are some quilts from the “abstract” category of the competition:

Love the colors in this one and she does a beautiful job of using different shapes!!!

I love the warm color palette in this quilt and her use of silk fabrics:

Once again, I think the use of color in this one, the mix of warm and cool tones, works really well and she does a great job with rectangular shapes:

The next 3 were in the Celebration of Color exhibit.  I love Betty Busby’s work!!

Wow!  I really admire anyone who has made one of these “millefiori” quilts.  I am making what seems to me a somewhat complicated hexagon star quilt, but it is simple compared to these!  This is a major undertaking and this one is gorgeous!

Another one:

Finally, I’m showing this Karen Stone quilt which was a prize winner  – I think in the piecing category.  I want to point out that the piecing on this one is not at all difficult, but what sets it apart and makes it a prize winner, I think, is her wonderful use of color and her arrangement of the blocks to bring out the star shapes in the center.  The quilting also really enhances the piece:

Our little valentine girl!!:

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


2 thoughts on “February 19, 2019: Projects slowly moving forward; Houston Festival pictures, Part 11

  1. Mrs. Plum

    First of all, I love the photo of your newest granddaughter! You are making great progress on Time of Plenty. I’m usually not a fan of very traditional quilts, but you somehow put an interesting spin on them that I find very appealing. Thank you for continued eye candy from Houston.

  2. Wendy C. Reed

    It is truly amazing how that tiny little strip of red sashing changes the entire quilt. I love your appliques in the setting triangles. I had to laugh when you said it took you so long to find the right background for Hospital Sketches. I had narrowed it down to 2 (from 10) when I found a piece entirely different and went with that one! I wasn’t going to do one more sew-a-long, but I do love these blocks. I’m looking forward to watching yours grow.


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