September 7, 2019: Trio of Modern Minis completed!; more Maine show pictures

Greetings!  I am making slow progress in my recovery from my 2 pelvic fractures.  Any progress is a good thing!  I am still using the walker, but next week will see if I can start to learn to walk with a cane instead.  I’ll also  be starting pool therapy at the local rehab facility.  My orthopedist told me yesterday that I’m not to drive until 6 weeks from the injury so that takes me to the beginning of October.  I’m sure the time will pass quickly.  Being mostly stuck at home with a “lower body injury” and feeling well overall means that I am getting quite a bit of hand sewing done and reading alot.  I finished hand quilting all 3 of the Modern Minis and all 3 bindings are on!  All they need to be finished are labels.  Which one is your favorite?  (click on pics to enlarge)

Tessellating Whirligig#1:

Tessellating Whirligig#2:

Tessellating Whirligig#3:

All 3 together:

Right now I’m favoring the first – original – one, but I like them all and it was really fun to play with color and with the tessellations.

I have also made great headway on the “Hospital Sketches” border.  I finished appliquéing the first border, made and basted on all the parts for the second border which is now about 1/3 appliquéd, and I am already making parts (vine, lleaves and berries) for the third border.  These are coming together quicker than I expected!

Normally I sit for sewing at the machine, but stand for cutting and ironing.  To accommodate my injury, I set up an ironing station next to my machine so I can sit for that.  Prepping border pieces takes a lot of ironing so this is very helpful.

I’m giving a demonstration again on EPP at our quilt show in mid October and decided to make a  sample piece out of modern fabric.  My other samples are all from reproduction fabrics.  I have a few pieces of Tula Pink fabric and chose one of these – I had cut the pieces out before my injury, but just got around to sewing them together this week.  I love fussy cutting!!!!

The main fabric:

I had only a fat quarter of the fabric and there were exactly 6 repeats of the design – just enough!

The front:

The back – I love how even that has a design!

I definitely want to make more of these!!

Here are some more quilts from the Maine quilt show in July.

Making a quilt using the “maple leaf” pattern has been on my “to do” list for a very long time.  Lovely overall design and hand quilting on this one; I really like how she quilted the leaf veins:

Excellent fussy cutting and a soothing, cool palette with splashes of orange and red – nice!:

A lovely, colorful wool appliqué quilt:

A nice interpretation of a Victoria Findlay Wolf pattern:

And here are a couple quilts in the special traveling exhibit of quilts from the “QuiltCon” show earlier this year.  I particularly like the use of color in these 2:

Ursula goes out to the local coffee shop with family and “people watches” :):)

Many many thanks to my readers and to all my wonderful friends for their well wishes and support since my injury!!!  I am truly blessed.

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi

13 thoughts on “September 7, 2019: Trio of Modern Minis completed!; more Maine show pictures

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you for voting on your favorite! I hope to hear from others, too. It’s endlessly fascinating to me how we humans differ in what we like and dislike! Gladi

  1. Mrs. Plum

    So glad your recovery is coming along. Though I like them all, Whirligig #1 is my favorite. Your EPP block is so interesting. To me, the symmetry of the block makes that fabric look very traditional. Thanks for sharing the photos of Ursula. She makes me smile!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you!! The fabric for WG#1 (besides the gray silk and colored silk strips) was several different “Tilda” prints. I think they have a very traditional look but appear “modern” too. Gladi

  2. barbvedder

    glad to hear you are doing well. I like the red spicey one! they are all great.
    thanks for sharing more of the ME quilts.

  3. Paul McKenna

    Work on your various quilting projects is excellent therapy, Gladi. We trust that recovery will be quick, complete and leave you ready for more travels in the near future. Lee and I were both deeply moved by “Go, Went, Gone” by the way. Such a beautifully drawn story about being compassionate and caring. Deb and Dave send you and Al their best wishes from HBC along with thoughts for your recovery. Cheers, Paul

  4. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you!! And thank you for the lovely card from you and Lee. I’m lucky to have friends like you! So glad you enjoyed that amazing book – so well written and thought provoking. Hope you had a great time at HBC and hope Dorian doesn’t cause you any trouble!! Gladi

  5. Wendy C. Reed

    So glad to hear you are making good progress, however, if your orthopedist says no driving until October I guess that means we need to reschedule your visit here. I will still keep the room tidy just in case! As far as choosing a favorite mini, I’m afraid I am no help. I changed my mind 3 times! I love them all. I do need to make something with silk one day. You and Chris Wickert are so inspirational to me! I cannot believe how Ursula has grown. We are indeed the lucky ones! I’ll keep in touch with fingers crossed.

  6. Gail Wozniak

    That granddaughter is just the cutest!!!

    Sorry about your injury and wishing you a speedy recovery but it does give you lots of time f

    or sewing

    Hope you can find a pal to bring you down to Merrimac valley guild quilt show in s couple weeks

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Good to hear from you Gail. Thanks for the well wishes; I am improving. Most likely won’t get to the show -another time! Gladi

  7. Rowena Muller

    They are all lovely but #1 is my favourite. Your Hospital Sketches is stunning! Hope you continue healing successfully.


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