September 14, 2020; Shopping! “Intention” in quilt making

Greetings!  The most exciting quilt related thing I’ve done since my last post is go shopping at the Busy Thimble, Cyndi Black’s fabulous shop in Lichtfield, ME.  It’s a 2 hour drive but what made it so nice is that I met Wendy Reed (The Constant Quilter blog) there and the 3 of us had the shop to ourselves.  After having a socially distanced picnic lunch together, we continued to chat and shop – so nice to have a chance to socialize during this time of isolation!  (And I was having such a good time that I forgot to get any pictures at the shop!)

Remember these sunflowers? (click on pics to enlarge):

My main goal on the shopping trip was to find a suitable background fabric for the sunflowers.  I didn’t have anything in particular in mind except thought a “medium” value, rather than really light or dark might be good.  Also, the sunflowers have a lot of patterns and colors so the background shouldn’t be too busy and compete with them.  But I was open to all possibilities.  I looked at numerous options and was beginning to think I might not find something when I found this Judy Rothermel somewhat gray toned blue, medium value fabric and it felt just right!!!  I’m thrilled!

I want to make more of the sunflowers so I bought several pieces of floral fabrics that would be suitable for sunflower centers and would go with the Dutch fabrics I’ve been using:

I also bought yardage of these 3 fabrics on sale for potential backings or borders or backgrounds:

Now I’m excited to get back to working on the sunflowers project – this may coincide with when I take a break from the hexagon stars – speaking of which…. I have continued sewing sections together and here’s the latest batch of pictures:

And here is where I am with “Stormy Weather: Shine A Light”:

The latest spring and star:

One of the many blogs I read belongs to Susan Carlson, well known expert fabric collager.  Even though I don’t make fabric collages, her commentary on the creative process is engaging and she and her students make some fabulous quilts worth looking at.  And she used to live in my area and used to belong to my guild before moving!  Her blog post of 8/27/20 was a look back at a post from a couple years ago in which she talked about “intention” in quilt making.  Well worth reading – go look!  She says that when her students get stuck, asking them about what their “intent” is in making the quilt can help them clarify what they are doing and get them moving forward again.

I thought it might be fun, and even illuminating, to take a look back at some of my own quilts and see what my “intentions” were/are.  First I made a list of possible “intentions” (in no particular order and probably not comprehensive!) – use of specific fabrics, use of specific design or pattern, artistic challenge to create new design, use of/learn a specific technique, meditation/relaxation, “therapy,” play, gift-giving, need/drive to “make,”  and give to charity.

I think we often have multiple intentions at once in some of our projects.  I often want to use a specific grouping of fabrics or want to use a specific quilt block design or want to make something with a specific technique.  In addition, I’m always looking to challenge myself to create my own designs.  A good example is my “Corona Zig Zag” quilt:

I wanted to make something using foundation paper piecing, a technique I enjoy.  I needed a “machine” piecing project to use as a break from all my hand work.  And I wanted to use the log cabin block because I like to explore the endless design possibilities of this block.   I’d previously made a “courthouse steps” variation of the block using asian style fabrics and a “pineapple” variation using brighter contemporary fabrics so this time I wanted to make the “regular” log cabin block using reproduction style fabrics for a change.  I also wanted to challenge myself to try to made something “unique” and not just like every other log cabin quilt out there.  These were my “intentions” and essentially “drove” the making of this quilt.  I loved making this!  The addition of the 2 vertical rows of “boxed squares” made the design my own.

Before you start a project or if you get “stuck,” ask yourself what your intention is?  It can help clarify where you are going!

My heart goes out to those out west who are dealing with the terrible wildfires, to those adversely affected by the pandemic, and all those suffering for myriad reasons.  Wishing everyone safety and good health.

“All flourishing is mutual.”

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi

6 thoughts on “September 14, 2020; Shopping! “Intention” in quilt making

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      They are indeed wonderful people! So happy to get the red yardage on sale or I might not have splurged! Gladi

  1. Marsha

    I am so jealous of your visit. The worse part of the isolating is not seeing my quilting friends. Some of my small groups are beginning to meet again, but with our Covid numbers going up, I just don’t feel safe going. But thinking about your visit with a few friends is doable. Right now we have all the smoke from the fires here in the Northwest and it’s so bad we have to stay inside. Maybe when it gets better I can put together an outing like what you and your friends did. Something to look forward to. Love the fabrics you bought. The florals are so pretty!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Marsha. Thanks for commenting. I am really missing my quilting buddies a lot too! The little shopping trip was great for my spirits. I hope you can plan a get together with a few friends soon. May the fires go out and clean air return to you soon! Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Cynthia. I really wish you could have joined us – that would have been so much fun! Maybe some day…. Gladi


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