April 7, 2021: “Corona Zig Zag” is finished!!; “Stormy Weather” update; in the woods

Greetings dear readers! “Corona Zig Zag” is at last complete!

Started January 2020; top finished about a year ago and it took me this long to get the back made and the quilt off to be long arm quilted by Sue Foster. Log cabin blocks are 3 3/4 inches, each with 21 pieces.

There are 144 blocks = 3024 pieces and the quilt is about 45 inches square – a lap or wall quilt.

There are several hundred DIFFERENT fabrics in the quilt – my own collection of reproductions supplemented liberally with “Primitive Gathering” charm square packs I collected at shows.

I decided on the “streak of lightening” arrangement for the blocks as the “zig zag” appearance best described the swings of my emotions during the early stages of the pandemic between hope and anxiety.

So happy to have this finished! For now it will live at the foot of one of our guest beds.

I’ve been making progress on “Stormy Weather: Shine A Light.” I love working with these colors in the spring! Here are the newest blocks:

72 of the 81 center blocks are complete – 4 sprigs and 5 stars to go before the border!

Next picture is a little better for accurate colors:

I also recently completed adding the bias trim and appliquéing the LAST TWO sunflowers for that quilt!

I have been toying with the idea of enlarging the quilt and adding another vertical row of sunflowers – 5 more – to make the quilt wider because I’ve decided I don’t want a wide border on this. Since the design wall is occupied I did not get an updated picture, but here’s an earlier one:

On the other hand, the more I think about making 5 more blocks, the more I think I will make it a twin size and move on to getting the sashing and hearts ready for sewing these together! I’m thinking of eventually adding a narrow border – maybe even just 4 inches or so, with a vine – of course :).

We’ve had some nice days for walking in the woods and I am enjoying noticing signs of spring here and there. I can walk to the Lamprey River from my house, but there’s another nice trail to the river about 2.5 miles away that I can drive to. Al and I walked there recently. We start through a young birch forest:

On the way to the river, an interesting birch stump with many interesting textures:


A new (to me) forest creature with moss:

A triple monster:

And finally the river:

I read about pussy willows and they can be bushes or trees as tall as 20 feet and the budding out of the “catlets” are a harbinger of late winter/early spring. Here’s an update on what those cattiest look like!

And here’s the tree:

And the maples are budding out very early this year!

I finished sewing my donation quilt together and made a back so it is ready to go off for machine quilting – I’ll show it again when it’s done.

We are trying to arrange a date and time to be with the grandkids again, probably outdoors for now – very complicated because of crazy complicated schedules and situations of all involved, but it WILL happen some time in the next several weeks. My group of close friends is planning an outdoor “pot luck” lunch gathering in a couple weeks – we are all vaccinated – can’t wait!! My heart goes out to all who have been isolated from family and friends this past year. Seems like an end might be in sight! 🙂 So thankful for quilting which has done so much to keep me grounded and functioning during this time!!!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day, Gladi

19 thoughts on “April 7, 2021: “Corona Zig Zag” is finished!!; “Stormy Weather” update; in the woods

  1. Deb

    Hello. Your quilts are beautiful. Is the Stormy Weather quilt pattern your own design? Or is it available to purchase?

    Thank you for sharing your work.


    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you Deb. The pattern for my “Stormy Weather” is Kim Mclean’s “Stars and Sprigs.” It’s been out since the early 2000’s and the pattern is still readily available – at least it was when I bought it last summer at my local shop. Pretty sure it’s available online too. The appliqué is pretty easy. I’ve seen a number of interpretations on pinterest, but none with darker backgrounds like mine and none using Tilda fabrics. If you scroll back through my posts, there’s a picture of the pattern on one of them not too long ago.

  2. Wendy C Reed

    Holy Cow! That Corona Zig Zag is simply amazing. You have been very busy this month. I don’t know how you keep up with all your projects. I suppose Covid has helped in that respect. More time at home means more quilting. I do hope you can get together with your quilting friends soon. I’m going to e-mail you as soon as I can pin down a date to get to the museum. I hope we can coordinate an outdoor lunch!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you Wendy! Being retired and then the isolation of Covid on top of that have both contributed to me getting a lot of quilt creating done. You’ll see!! Of course, my projects are so elaborate that it often doesn’t seem like I’m getting anything done! But I enjoy the process. Hope to see you in Lowell!!! And also maybe at Cindy’s shop at some point.

  3. Nann

    Oh, such beauty in your post today — the quilts! (Those log cabins, and the stars-and-flowers.) And the sunshine, outdoors. Spring has sprung and we rejoice.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks Nann! I agree – there’s not much more beautiful than nature and fabric and quilts!!

  4. Kyle

    Wow! I love Corona Zigzag. What an incredible collection of fabrics and colors. The simple quilting pattern keeps those awesome blocks the star.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks Kyle. I spent quite a bit of time thinking about how Corona Zig Zag should be quilted and decided that simple lines were best – agree with you that this keeps the blocks and fabrics the “stars” 🙂 .

  5. Lynn Jarzombeck

    You never fail to awe me! Your productivity matches your mastery; nothing but astounding. Really, how do you do it all. Love your work. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you so much Lynn for all your kind words! I love the process, so it’s easy to dive in and keep going!

  7. barbvedder

    Your log cabin turned out so beautifully! I always find them a challenge to find the right quilting, and you LAQ found a lovely solution. It is hard to imagine the blocks are that small. Maybe we can have a photo with a iphone or something for scale. Lovely Lovely finish.
    Your stars and sprigs are fabulous. I love seeing them all on the wall.
    I will miss the hawks, but I’m ready to see green on the trails again.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      As always, Barb, thank you for your kind words!! I agree with you that quilting designs for log cabins can be a challenge! For this one I ultimately decided that simple is best – I don’t think one can go wrong with that choice. I too am ready for green (and color)!

  8. Marsha

    Your zig zag quilt is beautiful! So fun to see some of the brighter civil war fabrics. Love all the rest of the blocks you are working on. Such cheery fabrics, reminds me that spring has sprung!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you Cynthia! I had so much fun creating it! I actually enjoyed making all those tiny blocks and picking out all those fabrics!!


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