September 20, 2022: More photos from NE Quiltfest

Greetings dear readers! I don’t have progress on projects to share in this post for a couple reasons. I traveled last week for my trunk show, which I’m happy to say was a resounding success! The members of the “Crazy Quilters of Cape Cod” were so friendly and welcoming that it was a real joy to share my quilts with them. The other reason is that I finally got started on a September mini and will wait to share it at the end of the month. So…this is a good opportunity to share some more of the excellent quilts from New England Quiltfest. You can enlarge any photo by clicking on it. Take the time to enjoy the details of these wonderful pieces!!

I love how this artist used these special fabrics, which I think are of South African origin – and all hand pieced, embroidered, and appliqued!

The craftsmanship on this next quilt was incredible, but hard to convey in photos – lots of intricate hand work, best seen up close:

A glimpse of the back:

The original spelling of my name was “Glady” until I changed the “y” to “i” in my early 20’s to stop people from automatically adding an “s”. I’ve only seen the name a handful of times so I had to photograph this quilt!😊:

I loved the composition, colors, – well, actually everything! – about this next quilt:

Beautiful appliqué, machine quilting, and overall traditional design for this one:

A lovely pictorial:

There was an exhibit of “mid century modern” style quilts which I found interesting and here are a couple of them. I especially like the inter-play of the triangular and rectangular shapes in Sidewalk Shuffle:

I’m loving the fact that I still have many more quilts from this show and from the museum to share and in one month my guild is having their annual show, so even more to come!

There’s definitely a nip in the air when I walk in the early morning and the sweaters and jackets are out! Leaves on bushes and very young trees are turning:

We are in a drought and the river is running very low. None of the solid objects in the river in this photo should be above water:

Last year at this time, because of abundant rain, there was a profusion of fungi and mushrooms of all colors. This year there are almost none 🙁. Thank goodness for several hours of steady rain last evening and through the night! On a recent walk I saw a “rafter” (flock) of wild turkeys:

And then a few minutes later saw these guys wandering about:

I generally enjoy these kinds of surprises on my walks, but hoping not to see bears! I’ll be back soon with project updates and more quilt photos!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day, Gladi

12 thoughts on “September 20, 2022: More photos from NE Quiltfest

  1. Susan Belyea September 20, 2022 / 11:25 am

    Thank you again for an enjoyable posting. The quilts are just amazing as are all of yours. It is always fun to receive your pots. Thanks so much for sharing. BTW, will you be posting your trunk show quilts? I would love to see the ones you chose to be included.Susan

    • gladiporsche September 20, 2022 / 7:57 pm

      Thank you Susan, for your kind words! I usually take 26 or 27 quilts for my trunk shows. I don’t plan to list them here, however, I think they are all available to see in the gallery portion of my web site, so please take a look there if you haven’t already. There is a link at the top of the blog page.

      • Susan Belyea September 21, 2022 / 4:32 pm

        Thank you. I looked at all of them and smiled. Amazing workmanship.

  2. nanamickie September 20, 2022 / 11:40 am

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing the fest with us!

    • gladiporsche September 20, 2022 / 7:58 pm

      Thank you so much! My pleasure to share!!

  3. Kelley Secrest September 20, 2022 / 11:52 am

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts! Each one is so stunning and it is difficult to choose a favorite this morning. I like the Glady quilt as I recall being 20 years old and planning to drive across country. My dear mother had other ideas so the trip never occurred! Her face is beautiful!! Thanks again for sharing.

    • gladiporsche September 20, 2022 / 7:59 pm

      Thanks Kelley, always, for reading and commenting!

  4. pamdempsey September 20, 2022 / 1:42 pm

    Love the Glady quilt, so much to take in. Makes me want to hit the road 🥰

  5. gladiporsche September 20, 2022 / 8:01 pm

    Thank you Pam! I think I’m ready for the road too!😊

  6. marissthequilter September 21, 2022 / 1:29 pm

    I am not surprised that your trunk show was a resounding success.
    Thank you for another set of photographs of remarkable quilts. The first one (Shwe Cool) is indeed South African fabric (called ShweShwe) and manufactured in the Da Gama factory not far from where I live.
    I was relieved to read that you had rain after taking that photograph of the low level of water in the river.

  7. barbvedder September 21, 2022 / 6:45 pm

    great photos – thanks for sharing them. It was a great show.

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