February 14, 2023: Keeping busy through the heart of winter; shopping; Earthly Delights

Greetings dear readers! I continue to make more log cabin blocks and am now up to 76!

The photos don’t really do justice to the lovely subtle colors. A bit closer:

Did I say something in my last post about trying to not purchase more fabric? It’s true – I’m “trying”😊. But I had an excuse to shop recently! When I was a winner of my guild’s Challenge competition last August, I won a $50.00 gift certificate to one of my favorite quilt shops, “Quilted Threads” and didn’t have an opportunity to get to the shop till last week. It’s an easy 1 hour drive away and well worth the trip! It’s the only shop within driving distance that has a room full of authentic Japanese and “taupe” fabrics. I collected a lot of these type fabrics over the years, but – as is typical for me – I had a dearth of certain light value fabrics, especially greens and blues, so that was my main mission. Sorry for the blurry photo, but here’s part of their room of taupes:

A little closer and then the wall behind me:

I purchased a bunch of quarter yard pieces and “mostly” 😊 stayed within budget. Most of the pieces were from Yoko Saito’s newer “Centenary” collection:

I needed some hard to find darker greens too:

I’ve already used most of them in the newest LC blocks. One of my readers – thank you Elizabeth! – commented after my post on “renegades and sparklers” that she thought Roberta Horton had introduced to her, long ago, the idea of sparklers, but wasn’t sure about renegades. I figured, right away, that I might well have come upon those terms previously in all the books and magazines I’ve read over the years. I pulled out this wonderful book by Roberta that I hadn’t looked at in years:

And look what I found!:

RENEGADES! The term has probably been buried “subliminally” in my brain for a while. Fascinating how something like that just pops out sometimes. I did not, however, find the term “sparklers” in the book, though can’t say I read it word for word. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if others have used it along the way and it was also buried in my brain waiting to come out at the appropriate moment 🙂.

Here’s my design wall – there’s something new on it:

I’ve been diligently working on purging and organizing, trying to give an hour or two per day to it. I have a basket overflowing with charm squares of repro style fabrics and decided that making these into half square triangles would be a good start on a donation quilt. Making at least 3 donation quilts is one of my goals for the year and with charm squares the basic cutting is already done and one can get to the sewing right away.

I will make a ton of blocks, even as I continue to work on my other projects, then play with different settings before sewing blocks together.

I’m happy to report my cleaning and organizing are going well! I started with the closet which was a nightmare – no “before” photos!🙂. I do, though, have a photo of it about half done; the lower 2 shelves are still waiting for attention:

I’ve paid special attention to labeling everything and making things I need accessible:

I’ve hauled away 2 large garbage bags of stuff and set aside bags of things for either my town’s swap shop or my guild’s “free stuff” table. I still have quite a bit to do, but am feeling very good about the progress I’ve made!

I managed to get 3 more hexagon stars made (plus some hand quilting) while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday:

I read quite a few blogs and enjoy following links to other sites and exploring some of them. I can’t remember how I came across this web site – Collosal (thisiscollosal.com) – but it’s a great site with wonderful posts on art, design, crafts, and photography. I highly recommend it. In the Crafts section, there was a post on 1/25 on Julia Shore’s “Mossy Embroideries” which I found to be lovely!

I love these and they remind me so much of what I’m looking at on my winter walks:

And the lichens:

Here’s a recent shot of the pond:

I love finding and looking at the stark beauty of the hibernating and partly dead plants surrounding the pond:

Wishing you all happy stitching!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day, Gladi

12 thoughts on “February 14, 2023: Keeping busy through the heart of winter; shopping; Earthly Delights

  1. Rainy Stevens February 14, 2023 / 10:58 pm

    I just love your blogs, Gladi! I’ve always had a love of Log Cabin quilts and yours is, as usual, absolutely amazing!!!

    • gladiporsche February 15, 2023 / 10:20 pm

      Thank you Rainy for your kind words of praise! I hope you are doing well and making great progress on your hand quilting project. Hope to see you at a guild meeting soon.

  2. Barbara Hancock February 15, 2023 / 12:00 am

    Gladi, I have been following your blog for several years and have so enjoyed your beautiful work, comments and your walks photos. This is my first time to comment.

    I am so delighted you also love the beauty of Japanese taupes. I’ve been collecting and using them since they first appeared on the quilt scene. I also have a large collection of other Japanese textiles that I want to get back to using. At 81, I’m am also trying not to buy more fabric. My stash will outlive me though I downsized it before a move almost two years ago.

    I also laughed when you showed us your organizing efforts. I did the same thing this winter when I couldn’t find something. I labeled everything and reorganized fabric. What a chore, but what a satisfaction, Now it will be easier to find the “sparklers and renegades” for your next product.

    • gladiporsche February 15, 2023 / 10:27 pm

      Thank you so much Barbara for commenting and for your kind words! So glad you have enjoyed the blog. I always enjoy connecting with a fellow lover of Japanese fabrics! They have their own subtle, but special, beauty. I’m sure my stash will outlive me too!🙂. For some unknown reason, I did not label things during previous episodes of cleaning and organizing – big mistake!

  3. Kyle February 15, 2023 / 10:11 pm

    Every blog post is filled with so many interesting things. Love the scrappiness of the LC blocks. Adding some new fabrics to the preexisting stash is a positive move. How fun to have had a gift certificate. Diving deep into your closet has eliminated the clutter and will free up your working space. You really get so much accomplished.

    • gladiporsche February 15, 2023 / 10:31 pm

      Thank you Kyle! Contrary to expectations, I am actually really enjoying my purging and reorganizing. I’m coming to grips with the fact that I am never going to use/make certain things I’ve held onto for years and it is quite freeing. It makes the job a lot easier!

  4. Kelley Secrest February 15, 2023 / 11:41 pm

    Gladi, your blog is such a joy to read. Your log cabin blocks and hexagon stars are lovely! Thank you for taking us on another beautiful photo journey to the pond. Wishing you a very good week.

    • gladiporsche February 18, 2023 / 10:08 am

      Thank you Kelley! Have a great weekend!

  5. marissthequilter February 18, 2023 / 3:10 pm

    Winter in your part of the world is certainly beautiful.
    Your log cabin is growing more and more beautiful. I gasped over the range of taupe fabrics and the Yoko Saito ones that you chose.
    Well done on your systematic clearing of the shelves.

  6. Cynthia February 19, 2023 / 2:54 am

    Your log cabin blocks look great. Ahhh if I still lived in New Hampshire (we were there only a couple of years) I would have loved to meet you at Quilted Threads- I just love that shop. And, I love that Roberta Horton book! The texture and color in your wintery photos, just beautiful.

  7. Wendy Reed February 19, 2023 / 1:10 pm

    Oh those log cabin blocks are inspiring! I think it is amazing that you were able to find that word reference. I think we all store things in the back of our brains until we find a need for it in the future. At any rate, I love your renegades and sparklers! Looks like you had fun shopping and I can’t wait to see what happens with those delicious fabrics! Have fun reorganizing. It feels so good – hopefully you have inspired me to do the same!

  8. Janet Gluesenkamp March 18, 2023 / 6:37 pm

    I’m a newbie to you and your blog, what a joyful surprise! Renegade was Roberta’s word for sure, it has never left my vernacular since I took her stripes class in the 90’s. Now I need a day or so to back read your posts! Thanks

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